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Title: 不同段數圍棋手之認知能力與眼動歷程探究
Cognitive Abilities and Eye Movement of Go Player with Different Duan Rank
Authors: 郭靜姿
Kuo‎, Ching-Chih
Pan, Hao-Tian
Keywords: 認知能力
cognitive abilities
eye movement
Go Player
expert and novice
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 本研究旨在透過眼動追蹤技術,探討不同段數圍棋手,在認知能力以及圍棋相關作業測驗時眼動歷程的差異。透過托尼非語文智力測驗、綜合心理能力測驗之視覺記憶測驗、棋局辨識作業、以及弈子作業等工具,研究參與者中專家組有24位,生手組22位。研究結果簡要說明如下: 一、 認知能力方面:圍棋專家和生手在智力方面沒有差異,但是在視覺記憶能力有顯著差異,並以共變數分析檢驗認知能力的因素,在弈棋經驗對於弈棋表現的影響。 二、 眼動歷程方面:凝視點方面,專家相較於生手凝視時間較短、在圍棋作業相關區域的凝視點數量更多,非相關的區域則較少。掃視幅度方面,專家和生手沒有顯著差異,但在前三個凝視點的時間較短。而專家相較於生手,分配注意力在棋盤上答案區比題目區的時間更長。
This study investigated the cognitive abilities and eye movement of Go player with different duan rank. The main research tool is TONI-3 (Test of Nonverbal Intelligence -Third edition), Comprehensive Mental Abilities Scale(CMAS)-Visual memory test, Detection task and choose-a-move task. Eyemovement and Go performance data were cumulated from 22 experts, and 22 novices. The main research results were presented as follow: 1. In terms of congnitive ability: experts and novice had no significant influence on nonverbal intelligence, and had significant influence on visual memory ability. This research uses ANCOVA approaches to evaluate the cognitive ablilty between experience and performance. 2. In terms of eye movement: experts, when compared with novices, had shorter fixation durations, more fixations on GO task-relevant areas, and fewer fixations on GO task-redundant areas; experts also had shorter times to first three fixate relevant information, and experts spend more time than novices looking at Answer area in board.
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