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dc.contributorDr. Ching-Chih Kuoen_US
dc.description.abstract本研究旨在瞭解學前資優幼兒的語文表現。研究對象為參與「學前資優幼兒多元智能與問題解決方案」甄選鑑定的幼兒。研究方法為透過標準化測驗資料、語文觀察課程、看圖說故事活動表現等不同向度,進行資料的蒐集與比較,並對語文才能優異幼兒在學習歷程中語文特質的表現進行觀察,歸納整理出學前資優幼兒的語文特質。根據研究結果,本研究有幾點主要的結論: 一、學前資優幼兒與普通幼兒語文特質有明顯差異。研究結果發現,不論是語文才能優異組或是其他才能優異組,兩組幼兒在標準化測驗成績或是看圖說故事活動中表現的語文特質,都明顯優於普通組幼兒。 二、家長和教師觀察比較容易觀察到幼兒語文智能的表現。和作業智能相比,幼兒的語文智能比較外顯,比較容易在日常生活中被家長和教師觀察到。 三、語文才能優異組幼兒和其他才能優異組幼兒語文特質差異不明顯。研究結果發現,語文才能優異組與其他才能優異組幼兒在標準化測驗、語文觀察課程和看圖說故事活動的表現,其差異都沒有達到顯著水準。除此之外,從方案各領域的觀察推薦名單,也可以發現有多名幼兒,被觀察推薦同時具備有語文才能和其他領域的才能。 四、語文才能優異組幼兒在學習歷程中表現出優秀的語文能力。透過觀察、質性評語、檔案評量以及課堂言談資料的分析,語文才能優異組幼兒在學習歷程中,展現多項優於同年齡普通幼兒的語文能力。由於研究結果顯示,語文才能優異組幼兒和其他才能優異組多數的幼兒語文能力表現是相似的,因此語文才能優異組所表現的優秀語文能力,可以代表參與「學前資優幼兒多元智能與問題解決方案」多數幼兒的語文表現。zh_TW
dc.description.abstractThe purpose of this study was to investigate the verbal characteristics of the talented preschoolers. The subjects included the preschoolers who joined the screening session of identifying gifted young children for multiple intelligences (MI) and problem solving (PS) program. The data were collected from three domains: a. the scores of the standardized intelligence test, b. the observation from the observation activities, c. the performance during reading a wordless book activates and the verbal characteristics during the process of learning. There were some several brief conclusions by analyzing the comparative outcome: 1) The scores of the standardized intelligence test and the performance of the reading a wordless book activity of the talented and the normal preschoolers’ were significantly different. 2) Comparing to the performance intelligence, the verbal intelligence of the preschoolers was much easier to be observed by the parents and preschool teachers during the daily life. 3) The scores of the standardize test, the observation during the observation activate and the performances of reading a wordless book activates of the other talented groups and the verbal talented (VT) group were no significant difference. From the commendatory list of the program, many talented preschoolers were recommended two different talents; one of the talents was verbal talent. 4) During the process of learning, the VT group revealed many excellent verbal characteristics. From the observation, the qualitative evaluation, the portfolio assessment and the analyzing of the discourse in the class, the results exposed the verbal ability of the VT group were above the normal preschoolers. Because the performances of the VT group and other talented groups were similar, the results of study could agent the most talented preschooler of the MI& PS program. By analyzing the outcomes and conclusions, further limitations and educational implications of this study would be discussed.en_US
dc.subjectgifted preschooleren_US
dc.subjectverbal talenten_US
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