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Title: 我國大學募款基金運作之研究-以一所大學為例
Authors: 黃乃熒
Keywords: 大學募款基金運作
the university’s operation of fund-raising management
Issue Date: 2008
Abstract: 近年來高等教育機構的大量擴充,更造成教育資源嚴重的排擠效應,嚴重影響教育品質的提升。因此大學需要自籌經費,已然成為一種共同的發展趨勢。在面對自籌收入成為大學經營重點之際,其中捐款收入更為其中最具彈性空間者,由此可知,對外勸募的能力與管理募款基金的系統,成為大學經營者未來不可忽視的發展重心。換言之,大學募款基金的運作績效將左右各校辦學績效、品質與社會的信賴度,因此具備健全化的募款基金運作機制,勢必成為大學校院經營的重要課題。 本研究旨在探討大學募款基金運作之情況,並以國內一所私立大學作為個案研究的對象來加以說明。研究目的包括探討個案大學募款基金之運作現況、募款基金運作對於個案大學所產生之積極性價值、個案大學在執行募款基金運作的歷程中所遭遇的困境、以及探討提升個案大學募款基金運作之途徑,最後根據上述研究結果提出結論與建議,以供教育行政主管相關單位與個案大學募款基金運作之參考。
Recently, the educational budget allocated to each university has almost been reduced because the increasing of the number of university in Taiwan. It seriously affects the quality of higher education. So, it is a trend that the public universities must raise funds for their expenditure. when the universities have to generate cash by themselves, fund-raising is the most flexible in generate cash ways for school manager. Apparently, how to develop the raising tactics and skill or manage funds well, it affects the schools’ management effect, quality, and loyalty. In sum, to be a healthy fund-raising manage system almost become more and more important for universities. The main purpose of this study is to explore the operation of fund-raising, and an university school is chosen as the research subject for case study. There are five main purposes of this study: (1) to understand the status quo of the operation of in the school; (2) to explore the positive values of fund-raising operation; (3) to analyze the obstacles and problems encountered in the operation; (4) to find out the way to promote the operation performance. Finally, based on the findings and discoveries obtained from this study, conclusions and suggestions are offered for educational administration authorities, school administrators and school staffs.
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