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Title: 我國地方教育行政機關教育政策行銷之研究
The Study of Educational Policy Marketing Employed by the Local Education Administration Authority in Taiwan
Authors: 謝文全博士
Dr. Wen-chyuan Hsieh
Chin-Hua Liu
Keywords: 地方教育行政機關
Local Education Administration Authority
Educational Policy
Educational Policy Marketing
Issue Date: 2007
Abstract: 本研究透過文獻探討與問卷調查,探討目前我國地方教育行政機關教育政策行銷的現況、困境及困境的因應做法,並根據研究發現與結論,提出建議,供相關機構及人員參考。此外,本論文主要研究對象是我國地方教育行政機關之正式編制人員,共計發出600份問卷,實得有效樣本318份,問卷處理採用SPSS for Window統計套裝軟體進行統計分析。 綜合文獻探討與問卷調查所得資料,得到以下結論 一、教育政策行銷可以發揮建立良好政策形象等十項功能;目前已發揮的程度尚可,以促進政策的創新與取得民間捐款等兩項最低。 二、教育政策行銷工作可以以設專責人員負責等四種組織方式負責,不宜委託公關公司辦理;目前多視性質分派各科(課)處理,其餘方式很少採用。 三、教育政策行銷工作總督導人員宜由高層人員擔任為原則,不可以無人督導;目前多由局長擔任,未有由專員、股長擔任或「無人督導」的情形出現。 四、教育政策行銷應依分析、規劃、執行、控制等程序進行;目前在落實上均欠佳,尤其以規劃程序最差。 五、教育政策行銷對象應包括教師等十二類人員;目前向這些對象行銷的程度均偏低,以對一般民眾、社區人士、其他地方行政機關、企業人士四類人員的行銷最低。 六、目前教育政策行銷管道以公文最為普遍,電視廣告、廣告看板、手機簡訊、廣告郵件等四項管道較少使用;而執行效果除廣告郵件、手機簡訊等兩項不大有效外,其餘均有效。 七、教育政策行銷的可行策略依序為組合方案、定位、目標市場、市場區隔等四項;目前實際採行程度尚可,以市場區隔策略的落實度最差。 八、教育政策行銷應該遵循明確、積極等九項原則;目前落實程度只達尚可程度,以專業及創新兩原則的落實程度最差。 九、教育政策行銷可能面臨組織編制人力不足等十一項困境;目前除首長缺乏行銷理念及缺乏首長的領導支持兩項以外,其餘皆為目前所遭遇之困境。 十、教育政策行銷困境可能因應做法包括與媒體及企業保持良性互動,吸取經驗等十一項做法;目前採行情形尚可,以增加組織經費人力並培育網羅行銷專才一項最少被採用。 十一、不同背景者對於教育政策行銷意見的差異不大,若自整體觀之,則以不同服務機關看法間之差異性稍大。 依據研究結論,對我國地方教育行政機關的教育政策行銷,提出建議如下: 一、對教育行政機關的建議 (一)加強教育政策行銷功能的發揮。 (二)設置教育政策行銷專責單位。 (三)教育政策行銷的總督導盡可能由教育局局長擔任,且應更加努力善盡其職責。 (四)切實執行教育政策行銷各項程序。 (五)加強對於一般民眾、企業人士、其他地方行政機關、社區人士等對象的行銷。 (六)有效評估各項行銷管道並多元利用。 (七)善用市場區隔、目標市場選擇、定位、組合方案等策略。 (八)掌握教育政策行銷各項原則。 (九)有效解決教育政策行銷現行困境。 二、對教育行政人員的建議 (一)充實行銷知能並積極任事。 (二)掌握教育政策核心精神。 (三)隨時掌握政策最新動態與趨勢,傳達正確教育政策資訊。
The main focus on this study is to explore the status quo, predicaments and responses to the predicaments of educational policy marketing employed by the local education administration authority in Taiwan through the methods of literature reviewing and questionnaire survey and then concluded with suggestions as a reference to the pertinent authorities. A total of 600 questionnaires were distributed to primary research object of this study which are the official employees of local education administration authority, and a total of 318 effective samples were retrieved followed by the process of statistic analysis with SPSS for Windows and then concluded with the following results: 1.The 10 effects of educational policy marketing including developing a good policy image have currently reached a fair expectation level. To promote policy reform and acquire public donation were the two effects reach the lowest expectation level. 2.From the specialized administrations set up to execute educational policy marketing, the study shown that this task is not suitable for Public Relations Consultant Companies.Currently this task has mostly assigned to divisions based on the job descriptions. 3.The whole task of educational policy marketing should be overseen by the higher level position officers, must not be no supervision. Currently this supervision has assigned to director-general, and this task has never occurred to carry out by a specialist, sub-section chief or no supervision. 4.Educationalpolicy marketing should be proceed by the steps of analysis, planning, execution, and monitoring, but the level of practicing so far is below expectation, especially on the step of planning. 5.The 12 categories including teachers are the objects for educational policy marketing, but the level of marketing to these categories of people are low. Marketing to the people in general, community, other administration authorities, and enterprises are the lowest in category. 6.The most common medium for educational policy marketing is official document, and advertising through broadcast, billboard, cell-phone text message and e-mail are less being used.Except advertising through e-mail and cell-phone text message has shown a little effect, the rest is good. 7.Practicable strategies for educational policy marketing are packaging, positioning, target market and market segmentation. The practice level is fair, and market segmentation has the lowest practicing level. 8.Educational policy marketing should follow the 9 principals including explicit and enthusiastic, but currently the practice level has only reach a fair level, and professional and innovative were the lowest practice level. 9.Except for the management level officers don’t have marketing concept and without the support from the management level officers, the rest of 11 possible predicaments including insufficient manpower are all currently encountered for educational policy marketing. 10.The 11 responses to the predicaments of educational policy marketing including acquiring experience from mass media and enterprise are currently being fairly practiced, to increase funding, manpower, and recruit marketing specialist is the response less being practiced. 11.As an overall view, different opinions for educational policy marketing less coming from diverse background of officers, more from different administration authorities. The following suggestions were made to the local education administration authorities according to the result of this study: 1.Suggestions to the education administration authorities (1) To reinforce the effect of educational policy marketing. (2) Set up a specialized section to execute educational policy marketing. (3) Director-general of the education bureau should be the one who oversee the whole task of educational policy marketing. (4) Must follow the execution steps of educational policy marketing. (5) To reinforce people in general, enterprise, other administration authorities, and communities target marketing. (6) To evaluate every marketing medium effectively and utilize them. (7) To efficaciously using market segmentation, choosing target market, positioning, packaging strategies. (8) To master the principals of educational policy marketing. (9) To effectively solve the predicaments of educational policy marketing. 2.Suggestions to the administration officers (1) To learn substantial knowledge on marketing and always act enthusiastically on the job. (2) To master the principals of educational policy. (3) To know well the latest policy news and trends, always convey the correct educational policy information.
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