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Title: 臺北市十二年國民基本教育政策實施對學校經營衝擊之研究
A Study of the Impact of 12-Year Basic Education on School Management in Taipei
Authors: 黃乃熒
Chang, Cheng-Yu
Keywords: 十二年國民基本教育
12-Year Basic Education
School Management
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討臺北市不同背景公私立之國民中學教育人員,對十二年國民基本教育實施內涵之感受,以及在十二年國民基本教育實施的過程中,學校經營遭遇哪些衝擊,並求其兩者之相關。研究以文獻探討為基礎,以改編之「十二年國民基本教育對學校經營之衝擊調查問卷」為研究工具,針對臺北市所轄之公私立國中進行問卷分析,依學校規模大小以分層隨機方式進行抽樣,共發放527份問卷,取得有效樣本423份,故有效回收率為80.27%。並針對問卷所得進行描述統計、獨立樣本平均數t考驗、單因子變異數分析及皮爾森積差相關等統計方式進行分析。研究獲得以下結論: 壹、國中教育人員對十二年國民基本教育實施內涵回應性不足 貳、教育人員認為十二年國民基本教育實施使得行政人員業務負擔沈重 參、年齡及服務年資越高之教育人員對十二年國民基本教育實施內涵及學校經營衝擊較為無感 肆、十二年國民基本教育實施導致學生學習適應困難 最後,根據結論,研究者針對教育主管機關、學校、教師以及未來研究提出 相關建議,以供參考。
The study mainly focus on the different background of junior high school educators from public and private schools in Taipei City, how the feeling of the experiences of the 12-Year Basic Education if the policy applied and what kind of impacts will effect to the school managements during the policy or even to find out the relevant in between. The structure of the study based on the literary Reviews, by amended questionnaire “A Study of the Impact of 12-Year Basic Education Policy on School Management” as the research tool which is aimed at the junior high schools of public and private schools which are under the area of Taipei City to finish the questionnaire analysis. In compliance with the school size and by stratified random sampling. The research sent 527 questionnaires in total and have got 423 effective samples, the Response rate is 80.27%. The data was analyzed by descriptive statistics, independent samples t-test, One-way ANOVA and Pearson product-moment correlation. The conclusions are as follows: 1. The junior high school educators have not much feedback to the 12-Year Basic Education contents in details. 2. The Educator concerns the administration staffs of school will have more business loading if the 12-Year Basic Education on the road 3. The educators who has higher ages and seniority doesn’t have much perceive to the 12-Year Basic Education Policy on School Management. 4. The 12-Year Basic Education Policy will lead to the students have difficulty in new leaning system. In general, based on the above-mentioned conclusions, some suggestions are provided to educational authority, junior high schools, teachers and for the future study.
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