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Title: 以生命影響生命--教師實踐社群和專業資本發展之個案研究
Lives affect lives-- A Case Study on the Teachers’ Community of Practice and the Development of Professional Capital
Authors: 陳佩英
Chen, Pei-Ying
Tam, Ian-Ian
Keywords: 教師實踐社群
Teachers' practice community
Professional capital
Teacher professional development
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: 在教育改革的大環境之下,教師的角色越來越多樣化,而教師需擔負起的責任也日趨重大,教師專業能力及其成長的議題受到世界各國的重視。建立專業學習社群為提升教師專業的有效方式之一,而教師的專業成長的任務著重於教育實踐的改進,而教師專業資本的積累有助於教學效能的提升。因此,聚焦於教師實踐社群的建構與運作,探討教師專業資本的積累,將有助於突破傳統教師專業發展的模式,帶來新的方向。 本研究以蒲公英教師實踐社群為個案,探討此教師實踐社群的建構、運作與教師專業資本的積累。研究採取觀察記錄、文件分析等方法進行蒐集資料,以及對蒲公英教師實踐社群的召集人一位、教師四位進行深度訪談,進一步蒐集與分析資料,針對個案教師實踐社群的運作進行討論,並探討教師專業資本的積累。 透過研究發現,教師實踐社群的建構與運作除了召集人的努力之外,還有賴一眾的老師與研究團隊的積極參與,形塑出社群的運作模式與特色。此外,透過教師實踐社群的參與發現,教師專業資本的積累與運用以社會資本為關鍵,藉由信任關係的連結促進人力資本與判斷資本的積累運用。在成長的歷程中,種子老師得到了個人化的專業成長,而協作輔導老師也在陪伴的過程中增進了專業知能,激勵了老師們專業資本的積累、分享與運用。與此同時,個案教師實踐社群亦面臨著規模擴充、人員招募、未來發展的挑戰。 本研究根據上述的研究結論,進一步提出有關教師實踐社群建構、運作,以及教師專業資本積累之相關建議,提供教育行政機關、學校、教師社群,以及後續研究之參考。
Under the educational reform, the role of teachers becomes more and more diverse, and the responsibility of teachers has also become more and more important, the topic of teachers' professional competence and its growth has attracted much attention from all over the world. The accumulation of teachers' professional capital contributed to the improvement of teaching effectiveness, established a professional learning community was one of the effective ways to improve the teachers' profession, therefore, focus on the construction and operation of teachers' practice community, we also discussed the accumulation of teachers' professional capital, it helped us to break through the traditional model of teacher professional development, and got the teacher professional development to a new direction. In this study, we were used “Dandelion Teacher Practice Community” as the case study object; which we discussed its construction and operation, and the accumulation process of teachers' professional capital through this community. This study was used observation records, document analysis, and then based on the depth- interview of one convener and five teachers to collect and analysis of data. By integrated above mentioned methods, generalized the case teachers' practice community operation, and discussed the accumulation of teachers' professional capital. We found that the construction and operation of teachers' practice community were not only needed the efforts of convener, there were also needed the active participation of teachers and research teams, and then constructed the community operation mode and its characteristics. The key of accumulation and application of teachers' professional capital was Social capital, through the connection of trust relationships to facilitate the accumulation and application of Human capital and Decisional capital. Therefore, through the practice community of teachers, the Seed teachers got personalized professional development, and Collaborative teachers also enhanced their professional capital. It encouraged teachers to accumulate, share and use their professional capital. But at the same time, the community of case teachers was also faced with the challenges of scale expansion, personnel recruitment and the difficulty in the future development. Based on the conclusions of this case study, here also have some suggestions on the accumulation of teachers' professional capital, provide to educational administrative institutions, schools and community of teachers, and as a reference for follow-up studies.
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