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Title: 教育改革的媒體再現:以111學年度大學入學方案調整為例
Media Representation of Education Reform: A Case Study of 2022 Academic Year Reform of College Entrance Program
Authors: 林子斌
Lin, Tzu-Bin
Chiang, Yi-Chih
Keywords: 教育改革
Education Reform
Media representation
College Recruitment System
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 十二年國教的課程改革為大學多元入學方案帶來改變的契機,大學升學制度的改革亦成為大眾和媒體報導關心的熱門話題。本研究從論述與權力的關係出發,分析教育改革中不同利害關係人的論述如何被媒體再現,並形塑教育改革議題的公眾意象。本研究使用批判論述分析(Critical Discourse Analysis)作為研究方法,以111學年度大學入學調整方案作為研究個案,蒐集五家臺灣主流報社對於本研究個案的網路報導。本研究透過報導內容的分析,勾勒出教育改革過程中不同論述競逐的過程。 本研究主要有以下四點發現: 1. 學生缺席於大學入學制度改革的論述之中:儘管十二年國教強調以學習者為中心,其他利害關係人也以學生經驗作為論述依據,但學生本身的意見並未被媒體或政策制定者所重視。 2. 大學入學制度改革的論述重視育才勝於選才:媒體論述偏重於大學入學制度對於學生學習和高中教學的影響,大學入學的評量標準反而未成為主流論述關注的焦點。 3. 大學入學制度改革的報導內容複雜且欠缺專業性:大學入學制度改革的媒體報導並未充分解釋其中的專有名詞,同時內容主要以受訪者的觀點為主,缺乏相關研究根據與論證。 4. 大學入學制度改革的形象負面且充滿衝突:媒體強調不同利害關係人意見相左之處,為議題營造缺乏共識且混亂的形象。
Due to the curriculum reform in 12-year basic education, the landscape of the “Multiple Entrance Program” for university is facing change. This research focuses on the media representation of different discourse in educational reform in Taiwan. Different discourse proposed by different stakeholders competed with each other in media field, and shaped the public understanding about educational issues. The research explores the relationship between discourse and power in educational reform in Taiwan. College entrance program from the 2022 academic year is taken as an example. Data comes from online news, articles in magazines, and policy-related documents. The major research results and conclusion are as follows: 1. Students’ opinions are absent from the discussion of reform. 2. The discourses of reform placed emphasis on the importance of student learning, rather than the standard of college recruitment. 3. The reports failed to explain the reform clearly, and focused on personal opinion instead of argument or relevant research evidence. 4. Media representation of this issue created a negative and disputed image for educational reform.
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