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Title: 一所國民中學校長服務領導於學習共同體之實踐
The Servant Leadership In Learning Community-A Case study Of A Junior High School In Taipei
Authors: 林子斌
Huang, Yan-Bo
Keywords: 校長服務領導
Principal Servant Leadership
Learning Community
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 在一所學校中之中,校長為最高的領導者,而校長領導也一直是許多學者們所欲探討的主題,隨著時間的推移以及更加深入的研究後,領導理論已經出現了新興領導理論,而校長服務領導也已經開始有了更多的討論。本研究研究一所臺北市國民中學(快樂國民中學)之校長,探究其如何運用校長服務領導策略去領導及影響個案學校中的學習共同體及學共社群。 本研究為個案研究,以參與觀察法與半結構式訪談做資料蒐集,研究者針對資料做分析處理之後,得到的研究結果與發現如下: 一、服務領導人格面向策略讓學共社群教師擁有高度自主性 二、服務領導任務面向策略讓學共社群目標明確 三、服務領導過程面向策略讓學共社群一步步被建立起來 四、服務領導人群面向策略使得學共社群教師能有所發揮與成長 根據以上的研究發現,希望給予各學校單位、教育行政單位以及後續之相關研究做一參考。
In a School, a principal is the most important leader. Nowadays, the principal leadership has been investigated by many researchers. By the time pass and many researches, the new leadership theory has been constructed. Servant leadership has also been many discussed. This research discusses that how the case principal to use servant leadership strategies to impact on the development of the Learning Community in the case school. The method of this research is case study. The researcher uses the Semi-structured Interview and Participant observation to collect the data. After the data analyzing, the findings and results of the research are described as follow: 1. The principal’s Character-Orientation strategy can make the teachers more autonomy. 2. The principal’s Task-Orientation can make the goal be clear. 3. The principal’s Process-Orientation can establish the Community step by step. 4. The principal’s People-Orientation strategy can empower teacher’ ability. According to the findings of this research, this research can be expected to provide the school and educational administration some reference.
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