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Title: 經驗對話減少冤枉路: 馬來西亞華文獨立中學教師專業學習社群之個案研究
The Shortcut to Professionals: A Case Study on Professional Learning Community of Chinese Independent School in Malaysia
Authors: 陳佩英
Chen, Pei-Ying
Ng, Amy Kah-Mei
Keywords: 教師專業學習社群
Teacher’s professional learning community
case study
Chinese independent school
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: 經驗對話減少冤枉路: 馬來西亞華文獨立中學教師專業學習社群之個案研究 摘要 當全球教育被教育改革浪潮席捲下,有一些警覺意識較高的馬來西亞華文獨立中學也開始進行學校改革。學校開始檢視教師本質的提升以提高學生的學習成效。而教師專業學習逐漸備受重視,建立專業學習社群為提升教師專業發展的有效方法之一。 本研究以推行教師專業學習社群四年的華文獨立中學-荷花獨中為例,探討教師專業學習社群實際運作於教育現場情形,以及對於教師專業成長(包含教學能力及認同感)的影響。本研究採個案研究法,透過訪談十位荷花獨中教育人員、參與觀察該校歷史社群的運作情形、蒐集相關文件,以及加入研究者省思札記進行資料蒐集。 透過研究發現荷花獨中是以統一學生學習品質為目標,由上而下推動教師專業學習社群。以學科領頭羊領導推動社群,透過合作、實踐與分權式領導運作社群。除此之外,該校資深教師願意分享及配合的態度也促使社群運作順利。然而卻有三個層面(組織、個人及社會)的因素阻擾著社群運作。此外,教師專業學習社群能提升教師的專業能力,促進資深教師及新手教師的專業對話,讓新手教師有夥伴的感覺,加速新手教師融入教育現場。但是至於提升教師的工作認同感的部分,組織及個人因子阻擾了教學認同感的提升。 基於以上研究發現與結果,進一步提出有關荷花獨中教師專業學習社群之相關建議,提供學校領導層、資深教師及新手教師建議。此外,對於欲推行教師專業學習社群的華文獨立中學、董教總提出建議及後續研究之參考。
The Shortcut to Professionals: A Case Study on Professional Learning Community of Chinese Independent School in Malaysia Abstract The purpose of this study was to understand the operation of teachers’ professional learning communities (PLCs) in Lotus Chinese Independent School in the past four years. The research aimed to explore how PLCs practices affected teachers’ professional growth in Lotus Chinese Independent School, including their professional capacity and sense of identity as teachers working in a Chinese Independent School. The research was a case study based on first-hand observation, document reviews, interviews with ten teachers and administrators in Lotus Chinese Independent School, and the resarcher’s reflection notes. The findings of the study were the following. Lotus Chinese Independent School adopted top-down leadership to promote the goal of providing students equal learning qualities. Led by various subject leaders, PLCs were built through cooperation, shared practice, and shared leadership. Senior teachers’ willing to take part also played a significant role to smooth the process. In addition, three obstacles (on the levels of institution, individual, and society, respectively) of the operation of PLCs were spotted. On the bright side, PLCs improved teachers’ professional capacity and advanced the professional conversations between senior teachers and less-experienced ones. It trimed the time needed for new teachers to fit in. On the down side, however, there were obstacles on both the levels of institution and individual which weakened teachers’ sense of identity as Chinese Independent School’s teachers. Based on these findings, suggestions are generated for the administrators, senior teachers, and new teachers of Lotus Chinese Independent School, as well as for other Chinese Independent Schools interested in starting their own PLCs and for the United Chinese School Committees Association of Malaysia (UCSCAM) on this regard. Suggestions for further studies are provided.
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