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Title: 團體輔導對關係受害八年級女生心理適應之輔導成效
The Effects of Group Guidance Program on Psychological Adjustment of Relationally Victimized Eighth-Grade Girl
Authors: 程景琳
Ching-Ling, Cheng
Yu-Shan Chang
Keywords: 關係受害
relational victimization
psychological adjustment
group guidance
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: 本研究目的在於,藉由可能會影響關係受害者心理調適的因子,如因應策略及人際信念,設計小團體方案內容,並探討進行團體輔導對於改善關係受害者之心理適應的效果,做為日後輔導工作者之參考。本研究採等組前後測實驗設計,以新北市某國中八年級12名關係受害女生為研究對象,將受試者依據其參與團體意願,分為實驗組及控制組,實驗組成員接受為期八周,共十三小時的團體輔導,控制組則不做任何實驗處理。本研究工具以「人際衝突因應策略量表」、「人際信念量表」、「孤寂感量表」、「貝克兒童及青少年量表」對受試者進行前後測,並對實驗組進行追蹤測,以得知各依變項的變化情形,所得資料以單因子共變數分析與相依樣本t檢定進行統計考驗,並依據實驗組成員回饋資料、訪談資料、團體觀察紀錄作為研究結果的佐證及輔助。本研究的結果發現:(1)在立即輔導部分:實驗組成員在人際衝突因應策略、人際信念、孤寂感以及情緒及行為反應上無立即輔導效果(2)在追蹤輔導部分:實驗組成員在人際信念的消極信念具有追蹤輔導效果,而在人際衝突因應策略、人際信念之積極信念、孤寂感及以及情緒及行為反應上,無追蹤輔導效果。最後,研究者針對研究結果加以分析討論,並對輔導實務及未來研究提出建議。
The purpose of this research was to explore the effect of the group guidance program which was designed to improve the psychological adjustment for students with experiences of relational victimization. This study adopted equivalent pretest- posttest experimental design. The participants were 12 relationally victimized eighth-grade students from a junior high school at New Taipei city. Based upon the participants’ personal decision, they were divided into two groups, the experiment and control group. The treatment for the members of the experiment group was eight sessions (a total of thirteen hours) of group guidance program; on the contrary, the control group members received no treatment. Several self-report instruments were used in pre- and post-test to measure the students’ interpersonal conflicts coping strategies, interpersonal belief, psychological loneliness, emotional and behavioral reactions. The data was analyzed by analysis of covariance (ANCOVA) and t-test of dependence. In addition, the qualitative data of the observation records during the session, the feedback sheets from each session, and the pre- and post-treatment individual interviews was analyzed for supplements of results. The findings were as followed: (1) The group guidance program showed no statistically significant immediate effects on the members’ interpersonal conflict coping strategies, interpersonal belief, psychological loneliness, emotional and behavioral reactions. (2) The group guidance program demonstrated follow-up effects on the entity views of interpersonal beliefs, but no significant effects on interpersonal conflict coping strategies, the incremental views of interpersonal beliefs, psychological loneliness, emotional and behavioral reactions. Based upon the results, some suggestions for further research and school counseling practices were discussed.
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