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Title: 國民中學健康與體育學習領域課程綱要實施現況之調查研究
A study Of the Implementation of Grade 1-9 Curriculum’Guidelines on Junior High School for The Learning Areas of Health and Physical Education
Authors: 單文經
Wen-jing Shan
Shu-Liang Chiang
Keywords: 國民中學
Junior High School
Grade1-9 Curriculum’Guidelines
Curriculum implementation
The Learning Areas of Health and PhysicalEducation
Issue Date: 2005
Abstract: 自從台灣的九年一貫課程於2002 年全面地正式實施以來,匆匆 又過了二年。本文試圖以國民中學為範圍,探討健康與體育學習領域 課程綱要實施現況,並且據以提出革新的策略。本文先了解接受調查 教師對於「課程規劃與推動」以及「健康與體育學習領域課程綱要實 施」成效之評估,再以路徑模型探討自變項(行政配合、教學輔導、 課程設計)與依變項(教學理念、教材編選、教學實施、教學評量、領 域配套)等八個變項之間的結構關係,隨後並根據上述發現,提出結 論與建議。本文作者誠懇地提出三項呼籲:應設法從微觀角度及學校 本位著手,多方提供「教學輔導」措施,以便建立有利健康與體育學 習領域課程的實施環境;加強建立教師對「教學理念」的共識,且提 昇教師課程設計能力,俾便增進健體學習領域課程實施的效果;課程 領導者或學校行政人員應優先透過「教學輔導」策略以及提昇「教學 理念」所中介的間接效果,充實健康與體育學習領域的課程實施條件。
The main purpose of this research is to explore the issue and to find the difficult position since Grade 1-9 Curriculum Guidelines for The Learning Areas of Health and Physical Education in junior high schools in Taiwan. Based on the findings, we as researchers are here to provide several strategies for further renovation in this paper. Firstly, we try to realize how teachers as the participants in the survey assess the present practices on “Curriculum Design and Enactment ” and “the Implementation of Grade 1-9 Curriculum Guidelines.” Accordingly, we use the path model to explore the relationship between three independent variables (i.e. administrative cooperation, teaching consultation, and curriculum design) and five dependent variables (i.e. teaching philosophy, teaching material selection, teaching practice, teaching assessment, and support in learning filed.) Based on the findings, three suggestions are provided in the paper. First, supply multilateral support systems in administration with microscopic and school-based view in order to build an environment advantageous for renewing the curriculum and teaching. Secondly, enhance the consensus of teachers’ philosophy, and improve the ability for teaching design so as to enlarge the effects of renewing the curriculum and teaching. Thirdly, curriculum leaders should make use of the mediated effects created from the teaching consultation strategies and teachers’ philosophy strategies, and also upgrade the ability of teaching design in order to fulfill the conditions for curriculum implement in The Learning Areas of Health and Physical Education.
Other Identifiers: N2005000079
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