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dc.contributorYuen-kuang Liaoen_US
dc.contributor.authorYi-ling Chenen_US
dc.description.abstract本研究探討我國電子白板應用於國小教學對學生學習成效的影響,透過廣泛的檢索搜尋到148篇的相關研究,再篩選出符合本研究需求的論文共計62篇,並依照不同的學習成效面向將分析側重於學業成就(54個比較數)和學習態度(30個比較數)兩個面向,調節變項的分析則採用固定效果模式(fixed-effects model)。 各個學習成效的效果量及其調節變項之分析結果如下:(1)學業成就的整體效果量為0.3947,有四個調節變項影響學業成就,其一是學科領域,國語文的學業成就顯著優於英語和社會,數學的學業成就顯著優於英語、自然與生活科技、社會;其二是研究設計形式,單組前後測研究的學生學業成就顯著優於不等組前後測的研究設計形式;其三是控制組教學處理,其他教學方式的學生學業成就最佳,其次是一般傳統教學,最差的是無教學;其四是電子白板類型,使用實體電子白板和虛擬電子白板的學生學業成就顯著優於未說明。(2)學習態度的整體效果量為0.3466,亦有兩個調節變項影響學習態度,其一是電子白板的使用時機,課後使用電子白板的學生學習態度顯著優於課間;其二是實驗組指導方式,將電子白板融入教學時,教師採用小群體和混合的指導方式,對於提升學生學習態度的成效,顯著優於未說明的指導方式。zh_TW
dc.description.abstractA meta-analysis was performed to synthesize existing research comparing the effects of integrating interactive whiteboard into instruction with other types of instructions on the elementary school students’ academic and affective toward integrating interactive whiteboard into instruction after experiments. For academic outcomes, there were 54 studies collected, and 30 studies on affective outcomes. The quantitative data of the collected studies were transformed into Effect Size (ES). The main findings of this study were summarized as follows: 1. The whole effects suggest that integrating interactive whiteboard into instruction is more effective than other types of instructions on both academic and affective learning. Their mean ES were 0.3947 and 0.3466, respectively. 2. Four variables, subject area, type of evaluation for treatment, type of control group instruction, type of interactive whiteboard had a statistically significant impact on the mean ES of academic achievement. 3. Two variables, timing of interactive whiteboard use and group size of treatment had a statistically significant impact on the mean ES of affective achievement. 4. The results of this meta-analysis show that integrating interactive whiteboard into instruction can promote students' academic and affective learning outcomes.en_US
dc.subjectinteractive whiteboarden_US
dc.subjectelementary school studentsen_US
dc.subjectacademic achievementen_US
dc.titleEffects of Using Interactive Whiteboard in Elementary School Instruction on Students' Academic Achievement: A Meta-analysisen_US
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