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Title: 優質化高中中層管理團隊策略領導與學校創新經營之個案研究
A Case Study on Strategic Leadership and Innovative Management of a Middle Management Team in a SAP school
Authors: 陳佩英
Chen, Pei-Ying
Pan, Chia-Yu
Keywords: 中層管理團隊
middle management team
strategic leadership
school innovative management
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: 順應全球化潮流影響之下的學校,面對許多變革挑戰,策略領導的運用日益受到教育人員和研究者的關注。當組織面臨各種變革需求,學校的策略領導提供組織有效的行動藍圖,利於組織快速回應內、外在環境變動,展望未來並管理變動中的局勢和創新學校經營。本研究以高中優質化輔助方案為脈絡,探討優質化高中的中層管理團隊如何運用策略領導執行高中優質化輔助方案以引領學校創新經營,其中,完全中學又有人力不足與資源分配的問題,因此,在執行方案的過程中更具有挑戰性,也代表中層管理團隊更要妥善運用策略領導。是故,本研究在前述背景之下,選取一所完全中學為個案研究對象,並採以質性的研究方法,運用訪談、觀察與文件蒐集方式進行研究,以探討優質化高中中層管理團隊運用策略領導發展學校創新經營之成效。 根據個案分析結果,本研究獲致結論如下: 壹、具有目的性、專業性、跨處室與臨時任務分工特性之中層管理團隊是學校創新經營的主要推手。 貳、中層管理團隊推動高中優質化計畫的挑戰與困難有人力不足與資源分配。 參、中層管理團隊運用策略領導之綜合角色,蒐集並分析學校創新經營之相關資訊。 肆、中層管理團隊扮演策略領導之倡議角色,向上提倡各種創新學校發展的新計畫。 伍、中層管理團隊發揮策略領導之促成角色,營造學校創新經營之氣氛,鼓勵成員勇於挑戰、突破現狀。 陸、中層管理團隊落實策略領導之執行角色,實施深思熟慮的策略與計畫,發展學校創新經營。 文末依據研究發現,提出本研究之建議。
Schools have encountered lots of challenges in the face of globalization. Educators and researchers, in response with the globalized forces, have increasingly sought and acknowledged the importance of strategic leadership practices. Strategic leadership practices may provide better ways for schools visioning future actions, quickly responding to internal and external challenges, and developing innovative management thinking and skills. This research, in the context of advancing school quality policy which called School Actualization Program (SAP), explored how a middle management team in a comprehensive high school implemented the strategic leadership to creatively manage the school and improve its performance. Particularly, the case-study comprehensive school, compared to other kinds of public high schools, has been struggling for its insufficient human power and resource. Therefore, the process of implementing the SAP in this comprehensive high school has been more challenging, and proper exercise of strategic leadership of the middle management team of the high school was even more important. In order to grasp the relations of strategic leadership of a middle management team and its effects on innovative management, this study intentionally chose a comprehensive high school as a case study, and data collection included interview, observation, and document analysis. The major research results and conclusions are as follows: 1. The goal-oriented, professional, department-crossing, and task-based middle management team could manage the school innovatively. 2. The middle management team indeed encountered the challenges and difficulties of insufficient human power and resource while implementing the SAP. 3. The middle management team practiced the synthesizing role of the strategic leadership by scanning and analyzing the internal and external information in terms of improving the school. 4. The middle management team played the championing role of the strategic leadership in advocating new action planning to the principal and administrators. 5. The middle management team developed the facilitating role of the strategic leadership to build a job environment for innovation, and to encourage the team members to challenge the status quos and conventionally ways of doing. 6. The middle management team exercised the implementing role of the strategic leadership to carry out the strategic actions and projects in improving school management and performance. Based upon the results, some suggestions have been provided, for both practical and research purposes, to address the importance of middle management teams, strategic leadership, and school innovative management.
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