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Title: 國小校長領導風格之研究-一所國小校長與教師知覺差異之分析
The Study on Principal Leadership Style - Analysis of A Elementary School Principal and Teachers’ Perception
Authors: 王如哲
Ru-Jer Wang
Ya-Ping Chang
Keywords: 校長領導風格
The leadership style of principal
The teacher's perception
Elementary school
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: 本研究之主要目的,在了解校長的實際領導行為及教師知覺校長實際領導風格的現況。本研究以一所國小為研究對象進行個案研究,透過訪談等方式蒐集資料,以了解個案校長的實際領導風格、教師對校長實際領導風格的知覺落,主要發現如下: 一、個案校長的學校經營理念為【尊重教師專業自主權】、【了解學校歷史,在既有基礎上規畫未來趨勢與發展】、【改善硬體設備與教學媒體】【開發新社團,培養孩子興趣】、【注重語文教育】、【衡量利弊得失,逐步漸進改進舊有成規】等方面,因職務上的不同,故校長與教師會有知覺落差的產生。 二、個案校長的權力運用為【運用科層體制、分工合作】、【依程序決議學校政策】、【成為教師的專家】、【與人為善、平易近人】、【了解教師狀況,提供教師協助】等方面,因做事方法與風格不同,故校長與教師會有知覺落差的產生。 三、個案校長的溝通行為為【以學生為中心,成為孩子的大玩偶】、【透過會議溝通彼此想法】、【兼採正式與非正式溝通】【能言善道】、【高EQ,情緒管理能力強】、【了解不同意見,適時調整作法】、【走動管理】、【藉由教學觀摩了解教師】等方面,因職務與表達方式不同,故校長與教師會有知覺落差的產生。 四、個案校長的決定行為為【以學生為中心,其利益優先】、【事前準備、事先布局、事後修正】、【尊重教師自主權,避免中途干預】、【舉辦相關研習,增進教師知能】、【堅持自身決定】等方面,因職務的不同,校長與教師會有知覺的落差。 五、個案校長的衝突管理為【傾聽對方意見,了解反對原因】、【意圖通過活化課程】、【將衝突公開化】、【要求教師不僅提出意見,更要提出改善方法】等方面,因職務與教育目標、理念不同,故校長與教師的知覺一致。
The study aim to understand principal leadership and the perception of teachers’ perception of principal leadership. One elementary school is studied as a case study. Information is collected through interview in order to find out the style of case principal leadership, the all of teachers ‘perception of the principal leadership style. Here are the main discoveries. 1.The style of case principal’s concept of management is “respect the right and power to teacher professional autonomy”,”understanding the history of the elementary school, planning the future development on the base”, improving the hardware and the educational media of school” “establish the new clubs in order to raise children’s interest” respecting the language education” and improving the old rules step by step”. Because of the difference of duty, there are some difference between the principal and teachers. 2.The style of case principal power use is “using the hierarchy, cooperating and sharing responsibility”, “determining on school policies according to the procedure”,“being the teachers ’s expert”, “being friendly with people , closing to people”, “understanding the teacher’s situation, giving them some help”. Because of the difference of working way and style, there are some difference between the principal and teachers. 3.The style of case principal communicated behavior is “taking the children as the center, being the children’s toy”, “communicating let each other mutual understanding through the conferences”, “both using official and unofficial communication” “well-spoken”, “high Emotional quotient, having a good emotional management ability”, understanding different opinions, adjust his way at the right time”, “management by walking around”, “understanding teachers by classroom observation”. Because of the difference of duty and expressional way, there are some difference between the principal and teachers. 4.The style of case principal decisive behavior is “giving priority to children’ s benefit”, “preparing in anticipation, giving some help when things taking place, amending after the activities” “respect the teacher’s right and power of freedom” ,taking place the in-service training for teachers”, “insistenting his decisions himself” . Because of the difference of duty, there are some difference between the principal and teachers. 5.The style of case principal conflict management is “listening to teachers’ thought, understanding the reasons of opposition”, “attempt to pass the plan of activation courses” , “letting the conflict in public”, “request teachers not only tell their opinion, but also mention the improving way”. Because of the different of duty and educational ideas and goals, there are some difference between the principal and teachers.
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