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Title: 師與生、拉與扯─學生眼中的師生互動之個案研究
A case study on teacher-student interaction: Students' perspective
Authors: 卯靜儒
Chin-Ju Mao
Wei-Ping Wang
Keywords: 師生互動
teacher-student interaction
teacher-student relationship
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: 班級是教學活動的基本場域,由二個主要角色—教師及學生擔綱演出,然而,班級中的師生互動實屬一複雜及動態之歷程,許多影響因素摻雜於其中,本研究係以個案場域中幾則師生互動事件出發,探究學生眼中的師生互動,即學生是如何看待教師這帶著權威性的角色,是如何決定採取怎樣的策略與教師互動,而又是如何看待自身與教師們的互動?此外,經歷導師的更換,是否對師生互動亦有所影響。 本研究採質性的個案研究,以一個八年級的教室為研究場域,藉由現場參與觀察及訪談來蒐集資料,進行為期一年的研究,所得研究結論如下: 一、 師生互動是不斷協商的歷程。 二、 影響師生互動的制度面因素為升學主義、獎懲制度。 三、 影響師生互動的教師面因素為教師身份。 四、 影響師生互動的學生面因素為同儕團體。 最後,基於研究發現及結論,進行研究反思。
This case study was to depict the relationship between teacher-student interaction and the factors affecting the interaction between students and teachers. In addition, to investigating if the altering of homeroom teacher would influence teacher-student interaction. The viewpoints of students were preferred to draw more and to fulfill the above-mentioned purposes, in-depth interview, and participant observation are employed to collect empirical data in this qualitative case study. The major findings are as follows: 1.The process of teacher-student interaction is dynamic and negotiable. 2.Credentialism and system of rewards and penalties are the factors to influence teacher-student interaction. 3.The role of teachers influences teacher-student interaction. 4.The peer group members influence teacher-student interaction.
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