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Title: 國小五年級社會學習領域議題中心教學法之協同行動研究
Authors: 劉美慧
Chen- Sing- Yi
Keywords: 議題中心教學法
issues-centered approach
collaborative action research
sicial studies
Issue Date: 2008
Abstract: 本研究於台北縣一所國民小學的五年級社會領域課堂中進行為期一年的議題中心教學行動研究,課堂中探討的議題包括「蘇花高議題」、「新移民議題」、「全球暖化議題」、「族群議題」。透過專家教師、學者專家與研究者三人的協同合作,共同研擬出突破國內議題中心教學法實施困境的行動策略與創新教學模式,增進議題中心課程與正式課程的融合程度。 本研究獲致的重要結論為: 一、建構符合本土教育特質的議題中心教學法,應採深層融入的課程模式。 二、考量議題特質訂定彈性化的教學模式,有助於符應學生多元的學習型態。 三、結合議題主軸進行學生專題研究,能增進學習深度與探索能力。 四、議題中心教學結合網路平台與資訊設備,能突破學習的時空限制。 五、與不同專業背景且具有議題中心教學經驗的協同夥伴相互合作,能促進研 究面向的多維思考。 關鍵詞:議題中心教學法、協同行動研究、社會學習領域
The purpose of this study was to innovate the issues-centered approach in order to make this approach more compatible with the school context in Taiwan. This study applied collaborative action research in a fifth-grade social studies class for a school year. The team of the action research was composed of the researcher, an elementary school expert teacher, and a professor familiar with the issues-centered approach. The curriculum was organized around the following issues:” building the freeway from Su-ao to Hualien issues” ”immigration issues” ”global warming issues” “race issues”. The important results of this study included: First, the inclusive approach is more appropriate for the school curriculum context than the additive approach. Second, the teaching models should be more flexible to respond to issues nature and students’ learning styles. Third, associating issues with students’ projects makes students experience in-depth learning and develop inquiry ability. Fourth, applying internet to the issues-centered approach breaks through the limits of space and time. Finally, collaborating with researchers with different background promotes diverse thinking. Keywords: issues-centered approach, collaborative action research, social studies
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