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dc.description.abstractUnder the influence of the trend of globalization, many people flow across the national boundaries in the world. The growth of cross-cultural contacts and conflicts makes the question of “identity” become one of the important research issues. The study is concerned about teachers who are in the context of cross-culture. What do they encounter? How do they experience such encountering? How do the cross-cultural teachers construct their identities? What are the influences of the experiences on cross-cultural teachers themselves and teaching? I employ the narrative inquiry as the methodology for this study. The study is mainly based on the face-to-face in-depth interviewing and classroom observing to collect the information. In order to understand the social-cultural context and teaching surrounding which the research participants live, it is necessary to go abroad to collect data. The findings of the study are focused on “mobility” and “identity”. I analyzed three cross-cultural teachers’ stories and found two aspects: A. Mobility: The cross-cultural teachers choose to move and the movement leads to their way of seeing the world readjusted and the changes of themselves and teaching. Although three research participants teach in Asia, their life stories still help to explore the meaning of global movement. B. Identity: The cross-cultural teachers’ identities constructing is the process of changing and non-changing. When going into different cultural surroundings, their initial images change and they have to reshape their identities. They express their identities by comparing with different cultures, and their narratives include the changes of identities. The cross-cultural teachers’ identities are multi-aspect and complicated. Finally, based on the findings, this study provides the reflective thoughts which include limitations, implications of the study, and the suggestions of the future research.en_US
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