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dc.contributorHsiao-Lan Chenen_US
dc.contributor.authorYi-chun Liuen_US
dc.description.abstract本研究目的在探討課程革新過程中的教師文化,並以國民中學語文領域國文科為例來加以說明。研究目的包括瞭解教師文化的內涵及其在課程革新過程中的重要性,並探究課程革新過程中教師文化的再生歷程以及教師文化的特色,最後瞭解課程革新過程中影響教師文化再生的原因,進而歸納研究發現,提出教育研究上進一步發展的建議。 為了達到研究目的,本研究採用質性個案研究法,以觀察、訪談、文件分析作為蒐集資料的方式。本研究所獲致的結論如下: 一、教師文化的再生從凝聚教師的共識開始。 二、教師合作團隊改變教師間規範和人際互動。 三、課程革新觸動教師價值信念的改變。 四、關鍵領導人是教師文化再生的契機。 五、教師文化受到學校核心價值的影響。 六、自發性的教師團隊有助於課程革新及落實。 最後,本研究根據研究結果與討論,並結合文獻,提出建議: 一、校長應重視教師課程領導的能力,以落實學校層級的課程發展。 二、行政人員應支持教師自發性的合作團隊,以促進教師之間的對話。 三、教師應強化自身的課程意識,以提升教師課程發展與設計的能力。 四、後續可針對不同類型學校、不同學習領域的學校進行個案研究。zh_TW
dc.description.abstractThis study aims to examine the teacher culture among Chinese language art teachers in Huo-Shui junior high school in their curriculum innovation efforts. There are four main purposes of this study: (1) to understand the contents and the importance of teacher culture during curriculum innovation; (2) to investigate the reculturing process and the features of teacher culture during curriculum innovation; (3) to identify the reasons which affect teacher culture reculturing during curriculum innovation; and (4) to provide implications on educational reforms according to the findings of this study. To achieve the research goals, qualitative case study approach for this study is adopted. Observation, interview, and document analysis are applied for data collection . The findings of this study are as follows: 1.Teacher culture reculturing begins with establishing teachers’ consensus. 2.Curriculum innovation creates the atmosphere to stir up the change of teachers’values and beliefs. 3.The teacher collaborative culture affects the relationship among teachers. 4.The pivot teacher is the key factor that affects teacher culture reculturing. 5.Teacher culture is affected by the central values of the school. 6.An autonomous teacher cooperative group is helpful for curriculum innovation and its implementation. Finally, based on the findings above, pedagogical implications and directions for further studies are provided as follows: 1. Principals should enhance teachers’ curriculum leadership to facilitate school curriculum development. 2. Administrative staffs should encourage teachers to form collaborative teams autonomously, and promote professional dialogues between teachers. 3. Teachers should strengthen their own curriculum consciousness to further develop their abilities for curriculum development and design. 4. For further studies, it is suggested to conduct case studies on different types of schools and different learning domains.en_US
dc.subjectteacher cultureen_US
dc.subjectcurriculum innovationen_US
dc.subjectlearning domain of chinese language arten_US
dc.titleA Study of Teacher Culture in the Process of Curriculum Innovation:Taking the Learning Domain of Chinese Language Art in Junior High School as an Exampleen_US
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