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Title: 以新制度主義分析學校組織、組織行動者與組織環境關係之個案研究
A Case Study of Analyzing the Relation with School, Actors in School and Organization Environment by New Institutionalism
Authors: 卯靜儒
Keywords: 學校組織
actors in school
organization environment
New Institutionalism
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: 近年來,隨著政治民主化、社會多元化加上國民教育素質提高,民眾關心公共議題之知識與自我意識提昇,對政府政策及公眾事務參與度提高,此為進入民主多元社會後不可逆的趨勢。學校體系身為公共系統一環,學校、家長與社區三者之間具緊密連結與互動,學校已從過去孤立於社會環境進而轉變成為一開放系統,需與外界環境保持聯繫。 根據1970年代後興起,應用於教育領域之新制度主義,其大幅擴展組織環境的定義,將組織環境區分為制度環境與技術環境。因此,現今學校組織內部的教育行動已不僅反應學校與家長及社區這些地方社群特徵而更反應整個學校組織環境,兩者共同形成學校組織的運作模式與邏輯。本研究之研究目的即試圖於此背景脈絡與理論論點下,描述學校組織、組織行動者與組織環境三者間錯綜複雜的關係。 為能深入地了解學校組織內部運作與外部環境關係,本研究採用質性的個案研究,以一所國中為研究場域,透過深度訪談與文件分析方式蒐集資料,進行為期八個月的研究。 本研究透過資料的分析與整理之後獲致下列結論: 一、學校組織與組織環境關係密切,受強制度環境與強技術環境影響。 二、組織行動者受個人制度背景與集體組織環境影響。 三、學校組織與組織行動者雙方相互影響。 四、學校組織、組織行動者與組織環境具複雜的互動性與同構性。 最後,根據研究結論,研究者提出新制度主義對於教育政策、學校組織與領導者、學校組織行動者的啟示,與對未來研究之可行方向與建議,備供參酌。
Recently, following the democracy, diversification and the increase of educational quality, the public raises their consciousness and knowledge of public issues and participates more in public affairs. This is an unchangeable trend since democratic society has built. Schools, which are in the public system, need to interact more with parents and community. They are no more isolated with environments but become an open system. According to New Institutionalism, which developed in 1970s, it redefined the meaning of organization environment, which had been devided into “Institutional Environment”, and “Technical Environment”. Nowadays, the actions and the logic in schools are not only reflecting local community but also the whole organization environment. The purposes of this case study are describing and analyzing the relation with schools, actors in schools and organization environment within this background and from the New Institutionalism. To fulfill the above-mentioned purposes, in-depth interview, and documents are employed to collect empirical data in this qualitative case study. The major findings are as follows:(1) the relations between schools and organization environment are intense and institutional environment and technical environment deeply affect schools ; (2) actors in school are affected by personal institutional background and whole organization environment ; (3)schools and actors in schools affect each other ; (4) the relation with school, actors in schools and organization environment is built and interacted complicatedly.
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