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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020The Mediating Effect of Organizational Commitment between Perceived Supervisor Support and Turnover Intention on High-Tech Industry in Taiwan賴志樫; 黃宇婕; Huang, Yu-Chieh
2020The Moderating Effect of Earnings on the Relationship between Overtime and Labor Turnover in Manufacturing Industry in Taiwan賴志樫; Lai, Chih-Chien Steven; 陳佳佑; Chen, Chia-Yu
2020The Relationship between Managerial Support and Job Training Satisfaction with the Mediation Effect of Learning Motivation盧承杰; Lu, Cheng-Chieh; 劉易侑; Liu, Yi-Yu
2020Taiwanese Working Holiday Makers' Motivation of Gaining Overseas Experience and Expatriation Willingness: Future Work Self Salience as the Mediator盧承杰; 陳舜文; Shun-Wen Chen
2020The Effect of Role Overload and Interactional Justice on Turnover Intention in the Auditors of Public Accounting Firms in Thailand盧承杰; Lu, Cheng-Chieh Allen; 莊慧婷; Chayanis Chunyawongsak
2020The Relationships among Emotional Exhaustion, Work Engagement, and Job Crafting: The Moderating Role of Perceived Organizational Support賴志樫; 蘇貞穎; Su, Chen-Ying
2020The Influence of Organizational Justice on Job Performance with Mediating Effect of Organizational Identity in Public Sector of the Kingdom of EswatiniLu, Cheng-Chieh; Lu, Cheng-Chieh; Pamela N Simelane; Pamela N Simelane
2020Leader-Member-Exchange and Employee Engagement: The Moderating Effect of Person-Organization Fit and Generational Differences盧承杰; Lu, Cheng-Chieh; 呂靜怡; Lu, Jing-Yi
2020Loafing in a Digital World: A Caribbean Perspective Examining Organizational Justice, Work Engagement and CyberloafingChu-Chen Rosa Yeh; 胡溪佳; Cassica Hutchins
2020The Effects of Training and Development and Supervisor Support on Employee Performance in Taiwan: Work Engagement as a Moderator賴志樫; 胡淳雅; Hu, Chun-Ya