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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019影響自願外派人員幸福感的因素為何?探討積極型人格與幸福感之關係:職涯適應力的中介效果林怡君; Lin, Yi-Chun; 黃子君; Wong, Cze-Chiun
2017Cross-Cultural Adjustment of International Students: Examining the Influence of Institutional Distance, Personality, and Cultural Intelligence.Yeh, Chu-Chen; Yeh Rosa; Karina Melissa Garbutt; Karina Melissa Garbutt
2018How Interpersonal Communication Motives Influence Communication Satisfaction: Willingness to Communicate in Foreign Functional Language as a Mediator賴志樫; Lai, Chih-Chien Steven; 林粹嬰; Sudthida Permpornsri
2017Challenges and Solutions of Knowledge Sharing in University of The GambiaLai, Chih-Chien; Lai, Chih-Chien; Saikou Sanneh; Saikou Sanneh
2019The Relationship between Corporate Social Responsibility and Employer Branding: The Case of Tourism Employees in Taiwan盧承杰; Lu, Cheng-Chieh; 陳怡君; Chen, I-Chun
2018Examining the Mediating Role of Perceived Organizational Socialization between Proactive Personality and Organizational Citizenship Behavior in Taiwan’s Public Institutions林怡君; Lin, Yi-Chun; 莊智翔; Chuang, Chih-Hsiang
2019The Relationship among Psychological Ownership, Organizational Commitment, Organizational Citizenship Behavior and Organizational Performance in Medium and Small Enterprises施正屏; Shih, Cheng-Ping; 楊承諺; Yang, Cheng-Yen
2018The Effect of Locus of Control on Employee Silence in Political Parties in Taiwan盧承杰; Lu, Cheng-Chieh; 孫永信; Sun, Yong-Sin
2012台籍教師於金門中等學校之適應情形探討張媁雯; Wei-Wen Chang; 吳馨嵐; Hsin-Lan Wu
2010工作特性, 組織氣候, 信任與員工投入之相關性研究蔡錫濤; TED SHIR-TAU, TSAI; 林玉雲; YU-YUN, LIN