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Title: 國中教師對學生的分類及其形塑之因素
The Typification of Students by Junior High School Teachers
Authors: 劉美慧
Keywords: 分類
teacher-student interaction
teacher expectation
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: 本研究主要在探討國中教師對學生的分類,並分析教師分類的原因與類型背後隱含的意義。本研究採用學校民族誌,在北部某一所國中進行一年的研究,期間共訪問八位任教不同科目的教師,觀察師生互動、教師同儕之間的教學,以及班級經營的交流分享,並參酌校園內與學生相關的通知或公告等相關文件。透過多元的資料蒐集方法,探究國中教師對學生分類的形式與意義。 本研究發現如下: 一、教師對於學生自身差異上的分類,是明確的二分法,但若是因師生互動差異而生的類型卻是「有程度差異」的分類取向。分類規準受教師個人的價值觀、成長經驗,與師生間的磨合交流及情境影響。 二、從師生互動差異中看學生的分類發現,教師因職務的不同,對學生有不同深淺的分類面向,類型是透過比較產生,而且帶有好壞評價。另外,從學生自身條件看學生的分類時,有些項目也隱含著負面評價。 三、分類的源起在於學生差異,類型會內化在教師文化裡,且受教師彼此的交流影響學生分類,分類最終目的在於方便管理學生,並藉由分類要求學生達到與滿足教師的期望,透過合理化對待的方式作分類強化的印記。 四、教師對學生負面的分類型態,大多著眼於學生個人特質,而忽略學生所處的社會結構面限制。
This study aims to explore student typification made by teachers and to analyze the causes and the implied meanings of it. This one -year-long study employed ethnographic approach in a junior high school in northern Taiwan, in which eight teachers of different subjects were interviewed. The researcher also observed the teacher-student interaction and teachers’ interaction in the office. Some related documents were collected for analysis. The findings are as follows: 1.Student typification made by teachers was binary whereas that causes from teacher-student interaction differed in degree. The criteria were influenced by teachers’ personal values, life experience, and the teacher-student interaction scenario. 2.The typification of students varied with teachers’ job positions. Types were formed through comparison and thus generated positive or negative judgments. On the other hand, some typification implied negative evaluations considering students’ objective conditions. 3.Typification originated from the difference between students. It was internalized in teachers’ culture and affected by the communication among them. The ultimate goal of typification was to facilitate student management and with it to enable students to live up to teachers’ expectation. Teachers rationalized and strengthened their imprint on student typification. 4.Teachers’ negative typification on students mostly focused on individual characteristics, rather than the social structure constraints upon students.
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