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Title: 臺北市國中國文科教師對十二年國民基本教育課程認知與教學實踐之研究
The Study on Junior High School Chinese Teachers’ Curriculum Cognition and Teaching Practice toward the 12-year Basic Education in Taipei City
Authors: 簡茂發博士
Keywords: 課程認知
curriculum cognition
teaching practice
he 12-year basic education
junior high school teachers
Chinese instruction
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: 本研究旨在瞭解臺北市國民中學國文教師對十二年國教課程認知與教學實踐之現況,探討教師對十二年國教課程認知與教學實踐之關係。本研究採調查研究法,根據文獻探討及相關實證之研究結果設計問卷,以臺北市公立國中現職國文教師為研究對象,進行問卷調查,共獲得有效問卷382份,最後將調查結果以描述統計、單因子變異數分析與事後多重比較、皮爾遜積差相關、逐步多元迴歸分析等方式進行統計分析與討論。本研究結果如下所示: 一、臺北市國中國文教師對於十二年基本國民教育課程之教學認知程度良好,以「理論認知」向度表現最佳。 二、臺北市國中國文教師對於十二年基本國民教育課程之教學實踐程度良好,以「教學方法運用」向度表現最佳。 三、國中國文教師對十二年國教課程認知因「不同最高學歷」、「任教不同班級學生數」、「學校所在區域」與「學校規模」的不同而有顯著差異。 四、國中國文教師對十二年國教教學實踐因「不同最高學歷」、「不同教學年資」、「學校所在區域」與「學校規模」的不同而有顯著差異。 五、臺北市國文教師對於十二年國民教育課程認知整體與教學實踐整體之間呈正相關。 六、國中國文教師對十二年國教課程認知,在四個預測變項上,對教師教學實踐表現有較高的解釋變異量,達57.1%,其中又以「教學方法認知」的解釋變異量最高。
The purposes of this study were to understand the current curriculum cognition and teaching practice of junior high school Chinese teachers in Taipei City, and to examine the relationship between curriculum cognition and teaching practice toward the 12-year basic education. The study was conducted with questionnaires which were distributed to 382 junior high Chinese teachers in Taipei City. The collected data were analyzed by using descriptive statistics, one way ANOVA, Pearson product-moment correlation, and stepwise multiple regression analysis.The main findings of this study were summarized as follows: 1.Chinese teachers showed good curriculum cognition and teaching practice toward the 12-year basic education, with the highest satisfaction in “theory cognition” and “teaching method”. 2.Variables including “educational background”, “size of class”, “location of school”, “size of school”, had significant differences in Chinese teachers’ curriculum cognition. “Educational background”, “working years”, “location of school”, “size of school”, had significant differences in Chinese teachers’ teaching practice. 3.There was a positive correlations among the Chinese teachers’ curriculum cognition and teaching practice. All the dimention of teachers’ curriculum cognition accounted for 57.1% of variance, “cognition of teaching method” had the greatest influence.
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