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Title: 北北基三縣市一綱一本及共辦基測政策對教師教學影響之研究
Research On the Effects of the Policies of One-Guideline-One-Version Textbooks and a Joint Basic Competency Test For Taipei City、New Taipei City and Keelung Upon Teachers’ Teaching In the Three Cities
Authors: 王如哲
Wu-Lung Lin
Keywords: 北北基
Cities of Taipei
New Taipei and Keelung
Joint BC Tests
One-guideline-one-version textbooks
One-guidelin-multiple-version textbooks
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: 本研究之主要目的在探討北北基三縣市實施「一綱一本及共辦基測」政策對教師教學之影響,並進一步探討北北基三縣市之「一綱一本及共辦基測」政策是否能減輕教師教學與評量之負擔,以及是否會讓教師因此改善教學態度與方式。 本研究係以隨機抽取臺北市、新北市、基隆市三縣市之37所市立國民中學,594位任教國文科、英文科、數學科、自然領域及社會領域之教師為調查對象,並以研究者自編之「北北基三縣市實施一綱一本及共辦基測之政策對教師教學之影響意見調查表」進行調查研究。所得之資料以描述性統計分析、獨立樣本t檢定分析、單因子變異數分析等統計方法進行處理。 本研究之主要發現如下: 一、北北基三縣市實施一綱一及共辦基測政策並不會影響教師之教學。 二、北北基一綱一本及共辦基測的政策下,教師仍會主動補充其他版本之教學內容。 三、北北基一綱一本及共辦基測的政策下,教師會更主動積極對學生做補救教學。 四、基隆市教師最認同一綱一本政策會減輕教學及評量負擔,亦最會因實施一綱一本政策而改變教學態度及教學方式。 五、未滿30歲或5年以下服務年資的教師會更因為實施一綱一本及共辦基測政策而改變其教學態度及教學方式。 六、相較於師範大學各系或政治大學教育系畢業教師,一般大學畢業教師會更因為實施一綱一本及共辦基測政策政策而改變其教學態度及教學方式。 七、臺北市教師相較於新北市以及基隆市教師,更不認同共辦基測政策會減輕教學及評量負擔。 八、相較於主任及導師,專任教師會更因為實施共辦基測政策而改變其教學態度。 本研究最後根據研究發現提出各項建議,供教師以及教育行政單位與未來研究之參考。
The Research aims to discuss how the policies of “one-guideline-one-version textbooks” and “a joint BC test for Taipei City, New Taipei City and Keelung” affect junior high school teachers’ teaching in the three cities. It also probes into whether the policies eased off the teachers’ teaching load as well as improved their teaching attitude and methods. The method to carry out this study was using a survey developed by the researcher, namely “How the Policies of One-Guideline-One-Version Textbooks and a Joint BC Tests for Taipei City, New Taipei City and Keelung Affect Your Teaching.” Subjects were 594 teachers radomly chosen from 37 public junior high schools in the three cities, teaching Chinese, English, math, science or social studies. The analysis used the SPSS statistical software package, with which descriptive statistics were computed. In addition, T Test and single variable analyses wereconducted. The principal findings of this research are as followed. 1.The policites don’t affect teachers’ teaching on a regular basis. 2.Under the policies, teachers would still voluntarily provide their students with supplementary materials from textbooks of other versions. 3.Teachers become more active in provide remedial teaching for their students under the policies. 4.Teachers in Keelung agree the most that the policy of using one-guideline-one version textbooks reduced their teaching load and changed their teaching attitudes and methods. 5.Teachers under 30 or those with less than 5-year sevice years are more likely to change their teaching attitudes and methods than those between 30 and 50 because of the policies. 6.Teachersgratuating from regular universities are more likely to change their teaching attitudes and methods because of the policies than those graduating from traditional normal universities and the education department of NCCU. 7.More teachers in Taipei City disapprove the policies reduce their teaching load than those in New Taipei City and Keelung. 8.Full-time teaching teachers are more likely to change their teaching attitudes because of the joint BC Test than homeroom teachers andthose with administrative positions. Various suggestions are proposed at the end to provide ideas and directions for interested teachers, education institues and the future researchers.
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