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dc.contributorMao, Chin-Juen_US
dc.contributor.authorYang, Pei-Wenen_US
dc.description.abstract本文以一群高中跨校國文社群教師的個案為例,自前導研究發現,教師共同備課對話中,交織著「古與今」時間的動態關係,引發研究者欲進一步地探析,共同備課到再議課的循環歷程中:教師的對話中交織了哪些過去現在與未來的時間?過去現在與未來時間如何互相影響?對於教師的共備到課後省思的歷程有何意義?時間在教師的文本、學生、環境、目標與設計的慎思歷程如何交織?教師產生了哪些學習?如何產生學習? 研究發現,在對話中,過往經驗與未來情境的推演,有助於教學的慎思與教案的細緻化;共備到再議課每一階段的言談,皆成為下一階段的省思素材;同時,社群不斷打破原本的預設與想像,與新的情境對話,正是「反思性實踐」歷程。 此外,教師的對話中,探究知識的古(歷史)與今(當代)、知識對於現代學生的意義,省思學生在時代和社會變遷中學習型態與需求的改變,在文本、學生、環境、目標與設計中,教師與「時代」和「世代」的對話內涵,不僅是向其他教師學習,也是「向學生學習」、「從文本探究中學習」、「向時代學習」的多重學習。zh_TW
dc.description.abstractThis is a case study on Chinese Teachers in a networked learning community. The discovery of the pilot study, which has revealed that the conversation among those teachers contains an interactive dynamic between “the past” and “the present”, led me to identify the following research questions:First, how time flow is intertwined in teachers’ conversations, and what are the meanings of time in the process of LS? Second, how do time flow influence teachers’ deliberation of knowledge, student, environment, teaching objectives and curriculum design? What and how do teachers learn from the deliberation? The study reveals that teachers’ recalling of past experience and deducing in future teaching context facilitate the deliberation of teaching planning. Furthermore, every stage of LS process would be the reflecting source of next process. However, teachers keep breaking the original prediction and imagination, and to reflect on the new situation, which is ‘Reflective Practice.’ On the other hand, there is multiple learning from teachers’ deliberation of students, knowledge, environment and teaching objectives and curriculum design. They learn from arguing the knowledge of ancient times and modern times, and how the ancient knowledge are connected to modern students, and from detecting the change of times and societies, to comprehend students’ learning styles and need. Teachers not only learn from other teachers, but also learn from new knowledge, students, and the times.en_US
dc.subjectreflective practiceen_US
dc.subjectlearning communityen_US
dc.subjectLesson Studyen_US
dc.subjectteacher’s learningen_US
dc.subjectChinese teachingen_US
dc.titleTime Flow and Multi-Learning in Conversation— An Analysis on a Teachers’ Learning Community in the Process of Lesson Studyen_US
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