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Title: 為難相間:高中體育班教學實踐與學生學習差異之敘事研究
Moving forward through Ups and Downs : A Narrative Study on Teaching Practice and Differentiated Instruction in a High School Athletic Class
Authors: 卯靜儒
Mao, Chin-Ju
Tseng, Shyang-Ruey
Keywords: 高中體育班
high school athletic class
differentiated instruction
teaching practice
narrative study
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: 本研究以臺北市山陽高中(化名)106學年度高一體育班為研究對象,以敘事研究的方式透過訪談、觀察與文件進行資料的蒐集與分析,企圖瞭解高中體育班學生在必頇同時面對學校課業學習、專長訓練暨體育競賽的情況下,其學習經驗與生涯升學進路的差異為何,而這些差異與經驗將如何影響與轉化教學現場中體育班學生與一般學科教師在教學實踐間的互動關係,進而檢視與反思其背後所隱含的意義與價值觀,藉以進一步瞭解高中體育班在課程與教學所面臨的困境與限制,並提出結論與建議,希冀作為未來高中新課綱體育班體制規劃及其課程與教學安排的參考。 研究結果發現,學生身份上的差異,讓學生必須有所選擇,卻容易造成負面影響;而因為不被理解的現況容易成為教師教學實踐的絆腳石,無法真正落實適性教學,班級經營管理也不易掌握,體育班成為學校師生的鴻溝,學生學習困境更嚴峻、教師教學實踐也更為艱辛。因此,有鑑於體育班學生校園作息相差甚大,建議任課教師宜規劃適用體育班各學科之教材,以及相應的評量暨升學規準,進而提高學習動機,更可以讓學生在校園中不會感受被邊緣化。而當學習的價值意義得以確認後,升學進路的規劃與輔導才能跟進,讓體育班學生做出最適性的選擇,為自己努力。
This study was implemented in a first-year athletic class in Shan-yang (pseudonym) High school from fall semester in 2017 to spring semester in 2018. Based on Narrative Study, interviews, classroom observation, and worksheets were conducted to explore what’s the difference between students’ learning experiences and their career development under certain circumstances: they had to deal with academic subjects and professional training and competition at the same time. The study also provides an in-depth understanding of how these differences and experiences impact the interaction between athletic class students and subject teachers during teaching practice. In addition, the embedded meanings and value judgments of the study are displayed to further perceive the difficulties and limits during the implementation of curriculum and teaching in a high school athletic class. At the end of the thesis, conclusion and suggestions are discussed for future athletic class curriculum mapping of high-school curriculum guidelines. The result shows that because of the students’ different identity, they have to choose between different options: joining regular class or athletic class, spending more time on academic subjects or on professional training; however, this circumstance easily has a bad impact on them. For not understanding the circumstance, the teachers usually find it hard to realize adaptive instruction, and make it difficult to manage the class. The existence of the athletic class becomes the gap between the teachers and the students, making both the learning environment for students and the teaching practice for teachers much tougher. Therefore, considering the different timetable the students have at school, suitable materials and corresponding evaluation standards for athletic classes in every subject are recommended, which can trigger students’ learning motivation to ensure they are not loners at the campus. Once the meaning and the value of learning are set, students’ pursuit for higher education can be realized. Besides, students in athletic class will make the best choice to them and fight for themselves.
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