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Title: 校園「心寧靜運動」現況與成效之探討―以新北市一所國中為例
The Current Status and Effects of School「INNER PEACE」 Operation ― A Case Study of a Junior High School in New Taipei
Authors: 陳玉娟
Chen, Yu-Chuan
Hung, Chia-Ju
Keywords: 心寧靜運動
Inner peace
Music benefits
Class management
Emotional relief
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討校園「心寧靜運動」運作的現況、實施效益與滿意度,以新北市一所國中為例。本研究以研究者自編紙本問卷為研究工具,選取研究者任職學校普通班學生為對象,進行普測,藉由回收問卷量化分析為主,問卷開放簡答問題為輔,進行數據、資料分析與歸納。研究方法主要為描述性統計、t檢定、相關分析、變異數分析,得到的研究結論如下: 一、心寧靜運動的運作現況中教師與學生的執行程度高。 二、心寧靜運動的效益為班級、校園秩序的維護、身心平靜與提醒學生上課的功效為主。 三、心寧靜運動的滿意程度較運作現況與實施效益低。 四、七年級學生相較於八、九年級學生;女生相較於男生對於心寧靜運動有較正面的認知。 五、心寧靜運動的「運作現況」、「實施效益」與「滿意程度」三者呈顯著正相關。 最後,根據研究結果與發現,研究者以實施現場及未來研究,提出相關的建議,作為未來其他計畫要執行、執行中的學校參考,期待研究發現能提供相關人員在倫理及實務上的幫助。
In this study, we designed a questionnaire to conduct the general survey of the current status and effects of school「INNER PEACE」operation. All of the respondents who are the current students in author’s school. To effectively investigate the effects, current status and satisfactions of inner peace operation, this study used quantitative analisis supplemented by qualitative analisis methods to conduct data analysis. Furthermore, methods of data analysis included the descriptive statistics, t-test, canonical analysis and analysis of variance (ANOVA). Additionally, according to the analytical results of qutionmarine survey, we present five comments on the inner peace operation. 1. Both the teachers and students have high executive ability for the current status of inner peace operation. 2. The effect of inner peace operation tends to maintain the campus order and remind student that teachers will start the class. 3. The students have poor response on inner peace operation. 4. The 7th grade and female students have the highest satisfaction of inner peace operaion. 5. The current operation status, operation effects and student satisfaction of inner peace show the positive coreation. Finally, we expected that research results will offer clear and detailed recommandations for schools which will conduct or have conducted inner peace operation in the future.
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