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Title: 新北市高中國際交換學生計畫之實施現況與探討
The Study of the Implementation of International Exchange Student Program in High Schools in New Taipei City
Authors: 陳玉娟
Chen, Chia-Han
Keywords: 國際教育
International Education
Exchange Student
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: 本研究旨在於探討新北市公立高中與美國俄亥俄州辛辛那提市高中交換學生計畫之實施現況,並瞭解參與計畫之承辦教師與學生對於此計畫之看法與學習感受。研究者曾實際以交換學生的身份參與赴美短期交換學生之學習,在進入新北市教學職場後的因緣際會下,能夠成為新北市與辛辛那提市國際交換學習計畫承辦人;從參與到執行此計畫,甚至擔任此計畫赴美之帶隊教師,透過與相關人員及參與學生們之互動與了解,引發了研究者探究此計畫實施之實質意義與現況之動機,藉以瞭解並協助提升辦理相關國際教育之交換學生學習計畫之實質目的。透過半結構式訪談、輔以觀察及相關文件分析,進而瞭解新北市高中國際交換學生計畫實施之意義及困境,並將訪談對象聚焦於參與此計畫之學生與教師。 根據研究目的,不僅探討此高中交換學生計畫實施目的以及困境,亦聚焦於探究高中國際交換學生計畫問題之解決策略;經由研究結果分析發現,除了甄選及培訓方式應加以周延完善的規劃、帶隊教師需具備足夠之經驗與能力,語言方面是受限最多且影響交流的部分;因此,建議參與的師生,在參加計畫之前的心態需要調整,並且提升基本的英文能力;對於教育局端則建議提高計畫的人力及經費之挹注、國際交流種子教師之培養、以及追蹤機制的建立;並就結果與建議供後續教育相關單位推動國際教育之交換學生學習參考。
The purpose of this study is to explore the status of implementation of the high school international exchange student program in New Taipei City and Cincinnati, Ohio, United States, as well as to understand the views and learning experiences of the participating teachers and students involved in the project. Researcher have actually participated in the program of short-term exchange student program to the United States as an exchange student before, and have become executor of international exchange student program in New Taipei City and Cincinnati since entering the teaching profession in New Taipei City. From participation to implementation of this program, even in charge of the program and led the group to go to the United States as chaperone. Through the interaction and understanding with relevant personnel and students, triggering the researcher’s motivation to explore the value and status of the implementation of the program in order to understand and help improve the relevant international education. Through the semi-structured interviews, supplemented by observation and analysis of relevant documents, to understand the significance and predicament of high school international exchange student program in New Taipei City of implementation, and the target of interviewees focused on students and teachers who participating in the program. According to the purpose of the study, not only explore the purpose and the dilemma of the program, but also focus on exploring solutions to the problems of it. Through the analysis of the findings, we could find out that the selection and training methods should improve more, the chaperone teachers should have enough experiences and abilities on it, and the language is the most restricted and influential part of the activities. Hence, the teachers and the students who participate in the program need to adjust their mentality before participating in it, also needs to improve their basic English proficiency. In addition, suggest EDB to increase manpower and funding for the program, to train teachers as international exchange seed teachers, and to establish the tracking mechanisms of all the participants who ever joined the program before. The results and suggestions of the study will provide for follow-up education-related institutions to promote international education.
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