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Title: 八年級數學段考試題分析研究-以新北市某中學為例
The Study of Mathematics Item Analysis from math term examination foreighth-graders in Junior High School-A Case Study of A Junior High School in New Taipei City.
Authors: 曾建銘
Cheng, Chien-Ming
Chen, Sih-Yu
Keywords: 測驗編製
test construction
item analysis
Comprehensive Assessment Program for Junior High School Students
classical test theory (CTT)
item response theory(IRT)
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 本研究旨在依國中教育會考數學科之試題題型與命題原則,編製一份數學科學習成就測驗試題,透過測驗分析軟體進行試題分析與測驗分析,了解測驗試題之特性與學生的作答情形,做為教師改進命題技巧與補救教學之用。 本研究以新北市某中學八年級第一次段考為例,利用Tester2、ConQuest等測驗分析軟體進行古典測驗理論與試題分析理論之試題分析,探討難度、鑑別度、選項誘答力、學生能力估計值等試題特徵,分析學生作答表現及迷思概念。 整份測驗的信度值為0.86,達良好測驗信度的標準。試題分析部分,以古典測驗理論分析之選擇題平均難度為0.54,屬中間偏易;選擇題平均鑑別度為0.67,鑑別度佳。以試題反應理論分析選擇題平均難度為-0.2,屬難易適中;;在仿會考學生能力估計值方面,各班的平均值介於-0.38~0.62之間,標準差介於1.02~1.45之間在試題類型學生判定類別上,屬C&C’型學力表現落後者將近五成,急需個別之補救教學。本研究依試題分析結果,對教師往後補救教學與命題改進提出相關建議。
The aim of this research is to construct a mathematical achievement test based on the regulated test type and item-constructing principles of mathematical test in the Comprehensive Assessment Program for Junior High School Students. And hence we can understand properties of questions and students’ answering situation, both of which are useful for teachers to improve test-constructing skills and to adopt in remedial teaching. This study looks into the first term-exam of eight-graders in a certain junior high school in New Taipei City, using analysis programs such as Tester2 and ConQuest to analyze in approaches of classical test theory (CTT) as well as item response theory (IRT) to probe into properties like difficulty index, discrimination index, distraction, estimated value of students’ ability, and so on so as to analyze students’ answering performance and mis-concept. The credibility of the whole test is 0.86, which is just a standard good credibility. As for the part of test item analysis, the average difficulty of the multiple choices in the classical test theory (CTT) approach is 0.54, which is easy-moderate; the average discrimination value is 0.67, and it’s a good discrimination. If analyzing test items with item response theory(IRT) approach, the average difficulty is -0.2, which belongs to moderate range; in the estimated value of students’ abilities on the semi-Comprehensive Assessment Program for Junior High School Students, the average value of each class lies betwee -0.38 and 0.62, and the Standard Deviation is between 1.02 and 1.45; as for students’ telling test type, it falls into C&C’ type, meaning nearly fifty percent falls behind the academic attainments and are in urgent need of remedial teaching. According to the research results, this study proposes suggestions for teachers in future remedial teaching and improvement of test items.
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