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Title: William Glasser現實治療為核心之教育主張
Authors: 單文經
Keywords: 現實治療
William Glasser
Classroom management
Instructional Innovation
Reality Therapy
Issue Date: 2005
Abstract: William Glasser 現實治療為核心之教育主張 中文摘要 從目前教育現況衍生的問題及研究者的實際教學經歷中,研究者發現William Glasser所提出之教學主張,既恰好指出了對於當前臺灣學校教育之相關問題,又能夠清晰地提出具體可行之實踐方案,以提升第一線現場教師之教育觀念,能為學校教育帶來一股的活水。因此,本文作者回顧了Glasser本人之生平、所提出的現實治療理論、其所提出之對學校教育問題之批判及建議,以及以現實治療為核心的教育主張在學校教育上的應用,希望能提供學校教育環境改善的切實建議。 Glasser對教育問題之批判主要分為四大方面:一、教師的問題:教師和學生缺乏共融關係;二、學習內容與教材教法的問題:教材過於重記憶輕思考、內容僵化乏味、評量及作業掐制學習選擇與動機;三、學生的問題:學生的學習經驗中缺乏關愛與自我價值感;四、環境的問題:學校教育大量製造失敗學生。 針對上述的教育問題,Glasser亦提出相關之建議:一、教師必須展現積極期待的教育精神;二、讓學生充滿愛與自我價值感;三、教學內容重視多元與思考的學習內容,提倡思考性教學、養成學生社會責任,教材富含生活體驗與意義,使評量回到促進自我調節與反省的功能;四、我們應塑造充滿教育愛與民主精神的學校。 Glasser更進一步地以其現實治療為核心的教育主張在學校教育上的應用,展開對革新班級經營之策略,與對教學革新之提出三大啟示;一、在課程與教學方面採異質編班、重思考訓練,實施學習小組、讓學生熟悉基本能力的培養,提供多元的作業與評量;二、在班級經營與輔導工作上落實班會功能、注入革新的班級經營策略,加強偏差行為與問題行為的輔導、養成學生的自律,並提昇生涯輔導的功能;三、在學校環境方面必須支持優質學校之理念,營造溫暖及安全的優質學校。 研究者根據研究發現,提出在未來研究與教學實務工作方面的可行建議以供參考。
William Glasser’s Claims on Education based on Reality Therapy Abstract Considered about the struggles of education reforms in Taiwan and my teaching experience, I found that William Glasser’s theories and ideas on education are capable for pointing out the key problems of our educational conditions, and hissuggestions are also helpful to teachers. Hence, I reviewed the life stories Glasser, his reality therapy theory, and his educational insights and suggestions. Conclusions and directions for instructional innovation are proposed in this thesis. This thesis surveyed four key problems in schooling: firstly, teachers don’t have enough involvement with students; secondly, subject matters and materials are boring, cramming, oppress the motivations to learn; thirdly, student’s lack of self-esteem and sense of love; fourthly, schools produce students’ failure. According to the problems we faced, William Glasser addresses his recommendations in four dimensions: first, we teachers should spread the active spirits and high expectations out; second, we must cultivate students with full of love and self-esteem; third, learning materials and teaching methods are required for enhancing high level thinking, advocating social responsibility, filling with real experience and meaning, and improving self-regulation and reflection; forth, we need to rebuild a school with democratic views and educative love. After that, Glasser also proposed some ideas on teaching innovation. Above all, we have to reconstruct curriculum and instruction, such as to set up heterogeneous classes, cheer on team learning, ensure students’ key competency, and use alternative assessments. Moreover, we can enhance strategies on classroom management and counseling, like class meetings, guidance on students’ misbehavers, and so on. Eventually, we shall build a quality school.
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