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Title: 就業中的學習障礙青年從學校到職場的困難與因應之研究
A Study of the Difficulties and Coping Strategies of Employed Youths with Learning Disability from School to Workplace
Authors: 王華沛
Keywords: 學習障礙
learning disability
coping strategies
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討青年學習障礙者從學校到職場所面對的困難及其因應方式。本研究使用以現象學為基礎的深度訪談方式,邀請五位於就學階段取得學習障礙身分,已邁入職場並持續處於工作狀態的受訪者分享與學習障礙有關的生命故事。 研究結果呈現了每位受訪者不同的學習及就業歷程、於不同環境中因應困難的方式,以及對於學習障礙的不同看待。本研究也對在學校和職場中,促進學習障礙者因應困難、適應環境的個人和環境因素進行分析。基於研究結果,本研究對:研究人員、教育服務人員、學習障礙協會、學習障礙者及職業重建體系,分別提出了相關的建議。
This study aimed to investigate the difficulties and coping strategies of youths with learning disability from school to workplace. To do the in-depth, phenomenologically-based interviewing, this study invited five participants who were qualified with learning disability during their time of schooling. These five participants who have been employed and maintained the state of working stably were interviewed to share their life stories about learning disability. The result of this study presented different manifestations from which each participant displayed, including the progresses of learning and working, strategies to cope with difficulties at each environment, and how they regard their learning disability. The study also analyzed factors that improving youths with learning disability to accommodate the environment. Based on the result, the study proposed some suggestions for further researchers, educators, associations of learning disability, individuals with learning disability, and works in vocational rehabilitation.
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