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Title: 職業傷害勞工重返工作之經歷敘說
The experience of return to work among workers with occupational injury: A narrative inquiry
Authors: 吳亭芳
Wu, Ting-Fang
Chang, Wan-Yu
Keywords: 職業傷害
occupational injury
return to work
narrative inquiry
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: 本研究之目的在探討職業傷害勞工重返工作之經歷。邀請四位曾經歷職業傷害,目前已重回職場至少一年以上的工作者參與研究。四位研究參與者年齡介於40至62歲,皆為男性。 本研究採取敘事研究的方式,以半結構訪談蒐集研究參與者重返工作之經驗,採用「整體─內容」、「類別─內容」及質性研究電腦軟體Nvivo 10進行資料分析。 研究發現,勞工受到職業傷害後除了生理傷害造成的後遺症,心理層面的傷害、家庭支持程度、就業環境、政府資源等皆為影響重返工作的因素。本研究之參與者於平時之家庭關係及人際關係皆良好,職業傷害後雖都經歷過情緒低落時期,但在這期間獲得家人及朋友的扶持、協助及鼓勵,且因著本身具有樂觀正向、不向命運低頭的個人特質,並對於家庭負有責任感,認為仍須為家庭盡一份心力而積極準備重返工作。 成功重返工作之因素包含:勞工本身之個人特質積極樂觀且不輕易放棄、重要他人之協助與陪伴、醫療及復健過程的高度配合、善用相關單位所提供之資源。 藉由研究結果期望激勵同為職業傷害之勞工重獲重返工作之信心。基於研究結果,提出未來研究方向及對於職業重建系統與醫療等跨專業領域之建議。
This study interviewed four male workers who experienced occupational injury and returned to work for at least one year afterwards. The ages of these participants were between 40-62 years old. The study represented how the workers transitioned from their injuries back to work. By means of narrative inquiry, the workers shared their experiences of transition. The data was analyzed using qualitative research method by the Nvivo 10 software. The results indicated that the workers suffered not only physical injuries that affected their normal lifestyle, but also psychological and emotional stress. Family and friends’ support, employment environment, government resources, treatment and rehabilitation intervention, are all important factors that contributed to workers return to work. Though participants in this study were slightly depressed after occupational injury, they experienced a change of mood due to a positive attitude, good personal relational skills, as well as to be responsible for their family. Both an optimistic personality of the worker and the company of a significant person, such as a family member or a friend, are essential for return to work. Compliance to medical treatment and rehabilitation was another crucial point to successful recovery. In addition, effectively utilizing government-provided resources was also important. Based on the research findings, the study proposed some suggestions for the vocational rehabilitation and medical areas.
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