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Titel: 中文版工作復健問卷於心智障礙者之信效度研究
Reliability and Validity of Chinese Version of the Work Rehabilitation Questionnaire(WORQ)for Persons with Mental Dysfunctions
Autoren: 吳亭芳
Wu, Ting-Fang
Hsieh, Pei-Chun
Stichwörter: 信效度
Reliability and Validity
Chinese version of WORQ
Erscheinungsdatum: 2016
Zusammenfassung: Work Rehabilitation Questionnaire(WORQ)是以職業重建相關的ICF核心編碼為基礎,說明與工作有關之身體功能及結構、活動及參與、環境因素等因素,分析身心障礙者的工作障礙及能力狀況。WORQ目前已有英文與德文版本,中文版本已發展完成,然未有信校度相關的研究。因此,本研究的目的在於建構中文版工作復健問卷於心智障礙者之信效度。 本研究之研究對象是以領有第一類身心障礙證明之心智障礙者;或領有智能障礙、慢性精神疾病、自閉症之身心障礙手冊者之信、效度。以探索性因素分析探討該問卷之建構效度;以Cronbach's α係數檢驗內在一致性,並以級內相關係數(ICC)建立再測信度。 研究結果發現中文版工作復健問卷對於心智障礙者所進行之探索性因素分析,萃取出四種因素:因素一為「基本工作能力及體耐力」,因素二為「情緒管理及人格特質」,因素三為「適應能力及人際互動」,因素四為「感官與身體狀況」;內部一致性Cronbach's α係數為0.84,顯示「中文版工作復健問卷」具高度內部一致性。又再測信度之級內相關係數為0.93,顯示「中文版工作復健問卷」之穩定性高。 文末建議未來職業重建服務、教育、社政等各領域專業人員可用「中文版工作復健問卷」評估身心障礙者之工作障礙及就業準備度,協助其達到就業之目標。
Work Rehabilitation Questionnaire (WORQ) is widely used to explain the body functions and structures, the limitations of activity/participation, as well as the environmental factors of the employment readiness for persons with disabilities. In addition to English and Germany versions of WORQ, the Chinese version of WORQ was developed recently, however, these were no psychometric parameters of Chinese version were developed. Therefore, the objective of this study is to exam the reliability and validity of Chinese version of WORQ for persons with mental dysfunctions. Exploratory factor analysis was used to evaluate the construct validity of the questionnaire; Cronbach's α coefficient was used to indicate the internal consistency of WORQ and the intraclass correlation coefficient (ICC) was used to represent the test-retest reliability of WORQ. Based on the results of exploratory factor analysis, there were four factors extracted, which were "basic work ability and body endurance";"emotional management and personality traits"; "adaptability and personal interaction" and "sensory and physical conditions". In addition, the results indicated high internal consistency (Cronbach’s α= 0.84) and high test-retest reliability (ICC = 0.93). Therefore, the results indicated that the Chinese version of WORQ is scientifically valid and reliable. According to our finding, we recommended the professionals in various fields could use WORQ to assess the barriers of work and employment readiness for people with mental dysfunctions, in order to assist them to reach the goals of employment.
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