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Title: 台北市國中國文教師使用閱讀素養教學策略現況研究
Authors: 陳昭珍
Yi-Lin Chen
Keywords: 閱讀教學
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: 閱讀素養以前的定義是讀寫能力,歷經社會時代環境的變化,像教育改革、文化變遷、科技進步,以及資訊與知識的與時俱進,於20世紀轉為著重解碼及理解的分項技能,到70年代後則將之視為心理認知的過程,並依之建立理論的基礎,作為閱讀素養教學之研究與實際課程應用的依據。本文嘗試藉由了解閱讀素養的定義以及國中生所需具備的閱讀素養為開端,再以認知理論基模論探究閱讀及閱讀素養教學歷程,進而整理目前在閱讀素養教學上可使用的教學策略,提供未來國中進行閱讀素養教學之參考,以達到培養國中生閱讀素養之教育目標。 本研究以台北市立國民中學國文教師為研究對象,旨在探討教師使用閱讀素養教學策略的情形,以供將來制定相關教育政策和未來相關研究之參考。研究主要採用問卷調查法及深入訪談質量相輔的方法,以教師的個人資料為預測變項,教師使用閱讀素養的情形為效標變項,進行相關的研究,研究結果摘要如下: 一、教師使用閱讀素養教學策略情形 (一)發展詞彙教學策略:集中在詳盡字彙教學、推測字意練習、字形結構分析、語意特質分析等次高使用程度的策略;最低使用程度的策略為前測。 (二)引導理解教學策略:集中在直接講述法及提問澄清法等最高使用程度的策略;中間程度使用的情形為腦力激盪討論。 (三)理解文本教學策略:最高使用程度情形為關於作者;較低使用程度為情節。 (四)組織文本教學策略:最高使用程度的情形為摘要法;而沒有中間及以下程度的使用情形。 (五)促進學習教學策略:最高使用程度的情形為形成性評鑑;次高程度情形為語文經驗法;其他策略使用情形較少。 (六)反應結果教學策略:最高使用程度的情形為作文及總結性評鑑;最低使用程度的策略為寫結局、藝術形式成果、科學論作報告。 二、教師不同背景與使用情形差異情況 教師不同背景影響教師使用閱讀素養教學策略者,為校內有無讀立閱讀課、不同的職稱、不同的教學年資,以及教師的閱讀素養教學情況。 (一)校內有無讀立閱讀課,影響教師引導理解教學策略、理解文本教學策略,及組織文本教學策略。 (二)教師的職稱,影響教師使用引導理解教學策略、理解文本教學策略、組織文本教學策略,及促進學習教學策略。 (三)教師的教學年資,影響引導理解教學策略、組織文本教學策略,及反應結果教學策略。 (四)教師的閱讀素養教學情況,影響發展詞彙教學策略、引導理解教學策略、理解文本教學策略、促進學習教學策略,及反應結果教學策略。
Reading literacy was previously defined simply as reading and writing skills. With such social changes as education reformations, cultural transformation, technological advancement, and the exponential increase of available information and knowledge in the 20th century, reading literacy expanded to include decoding and comprehension skills. After 1970, reading literacy was viewed as the process of psychological cognition, which was utilized as the theoretical foundation for educational research and practical implementation. Initially, this paper will explore the current definition of reading literacy as well as necessary reading literacy skills for students in middle school. Next, the paper will apply schema theory to discuss the process of reading and reading instruction. Then, available teaching strategies to properly equip middle school students with necessary reading literacy instruction strategies will be presented as a reference tool for educators. The object of the research conducted in this thesis is about classroom teachers of Taipei public junior high schools. The purpose of this thesis is to provide relevant references and information for future educational policies and academic researches. This thesis adopts both quantitative and qualitative research methods. This thesis employs the variation of teacher population as predictor and implies teachers’ reading literacy strategies as criterion. The summary of results in the thesis is as follows: 1.Teachers utilize reading literacy instruction strategies categorized as follows: (A) Vocabulary development strategies: the most commonly utilized reading literacy instruction approaches in this category include explicit vocabulary instruction, guessing denotation practice, analysis of Chinese characters, and semantic feature analysis. Pre-testing is the least commonly utilized reading literacy instruction approach. (B) Guiding for comprehension strategies: the most commonly utilized approaches are the pure lecture method and the classroom interaction instruction method, by question and clarification. Next, the brainstorming discussion method has average utilization. (C) Text comprehension strategies: the most utilized method is the analysis of intent and backgrounds of writers, while the least commonly utilized method is narrative plot. (D) Text organization strategies: the practice of summary is the most common approach. There is no average or least commonly used approach under this category of strategy. (E) Learning advancement strategies: the employment of formative assessment is the most utilized instruction approach for this strategy. Language experience is in the middle of this group and other approaches are categorized as less utilized. (F) Instruction result strategies: compositions and summative evaluation are the two most commonly used approaches. The least commonly utilized approaches include essay format report assignments and artistic presentations. 2.Differences in utilization of reading literacy strategies are influenced by teacher’s background Reading literacy instruction strategies employed are affected by teachers’backgrounds. Teacher background can be differentiated by the existence of reading courses at education institutions, teacher’s position title, years of teaching experience, and teachers’utilization of reading literacy instruction strategies. (A) The existence of reading courses at education institutions: this background element has an effect on reading literacy instruction strategies such as guiding for comprehension strategies, text comprehension strategies, and text organization strategies. (B) Teacher’s position title: the title of teachers affects strategies incorporated, such as comprehension strategies, text comprehension strategies, text organization strategies, and learning advancement strategies. (C) Years of teaching experience: the amount of experience impacts strategies such as guiding for comprehension strategies, text comprehension strategies, and the instruction result strategies. (D) The teachers’ utilization of reading literacy instruction strategies: this background factor affects strategies for vocabulary development strategies, guiding for comprehension strategies, text organization strategies, learning advancement strategies, and the instruction result strategies.
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