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Title: 從教學設計與導入探討八年級英語科教學現場教師應用資訊科技之需求
Investigations on Teachers' Information Technology Needs in 8th Grade English Classrooms, with Experiment on Designing and Introducing Teaching Materials
Authors: 謝吉隆
Ji-Lung Hsieh
Keywords: 電腦輔助教學
Computer Assisted Instruction
Information technology integration into instruction
Easy to use
Easy to read
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: 電腦輔助教學、科技融入教學是近年來非常熱門的議題,政府以政策推廣、支持發展,教科書、科技軟硬體廠商則推出大量產品搶攻市場。然而卻少有完全針對教師教學需求所設計的產品,政府政策、學術研究則多以教師運用科技設備為目標,缺乏對教師真實需求的關注與瞭解,嚴重影響我國電腦輔助教學、科技融入教學之推廣成效。 本研究第一階段從八年級英文科教師的教學需求出發,以訪談、實地觀察兩種方式探討八年級英文科教師的教學方式,瞭解八年級英文科教師對於數位教材、電腦輔助教學的期望與需求。在此階段中,發現教師並不需要個人化的特殊功能教材、亦不需要設計過多複雜的功能,只要教材符合「易用」、「易讀」、「穩定」、「可編輯」四項特性,教師就能導入數位教材並將科技融入教學活動。第二階段再由研究者依照教師需求分析結果,設計數位教材供三位實驗教師進行教學測試。經過為期五週的教學實驗與教材修正後,證實第一階段所得之四項特性確實是國中英文科教師的真正教學需求,同時也證實只要教材符合該四項特性,就能使國中英文科教師順利導入電腦輔助教學,使科技融入日常教學活動之中。
Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI) and Information technology integration into instruction are the hottest topics in the educational research. Most of the researches and products focus on developing new technology and applying high-tech implements in teaching. However, what the teachers’ really need has not been put in research systematically. Throughout a two-stage experiment, this research concludes the demand of 8th grade English teacher in Taiwan. The first stage is to interview teachers and to observe teaching process in non-technology classes. During the first stage, the teaching methods and needs are observed and defined. While teachers don’t need special functions from the teaching material, their needs are: “easy to use”, “easy to read (for student)”, “stable”, and “editable”. At the second stage, technology assisted teaching material, which meet up the needs concluded from stage one, is introduced to the classes. After five weeks of observation, it shows that the four needs - “easy to use”, “easy to read (for student)”, “stable”, and “editable” are the real demand of 8th grade English teacher. And it also proves that if materials can meet the four needs, it can help teachers import CAI to classes.
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