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Titel: 兒童身心障礙團體之FACEBOOK內容分析研究
A Content Analysis of Facebook Pages for Children with Disability
Autoren: 邱銘心
Ming-Hsin Chiu
Man-Jiun Juang
Stichwörter: 消費者健康資訊
consumer health information
children with disability
content analysis
social support
Erscheinungsdatum: 2012
Zusammenfassung: 網際網路快速發展,消費者健康資訊尋求行為也趨向以網路來滿足需求,逐漸以社群形式受到重視。依據Alexa流量網統計資料,Facebook為2011年最受歡迎的社群網路服務平台,除了能有效串起人際網絡,實現交流與互動,更為社會創造資訊共享的延伸價值。 本研究觀察國內49個兒童身心障礙Facebook粉絲專頁至2011年12月31日止,以消費者健康資訊為關注角度,利用內容分析法試圖瞭解Facebook社群的發展情況、平台交流的重點與參與者互動的行為。 由研究結果得知以自閉症團體所成立的Facebook粉絲專頁比例最高,而且大部分多由正式機構所成立,也盡可能提供社群基本資訊,儘管多數Facebook粉絲專頁經營正常,但更新維護頻率仍有加強空間。至於社群成員發布的訊息主要是以喚醒意識的內容最多,也較常提供資訊性社會支持來幫助兒童身心障礙團體,但成員主動尋求支援的情況就不慎積極,在平台中也能體現消費者健康資訊的特徵與重要性,包括:提升醫療照護、促進健康、安心就醫、請領保險與安全用藥等。此外,參與者互動以按「讚」為最,留言行為次之,分享功能使用最少,留言內容多以發表評論類型進行。最後針對不同對象提出具體建議,作為規畫或服務的參考。
Because the Internet is rapid developing, the consumer health information seeking behavior also tend to use the internet to fulfill their health information needs, and gain attention with their community methods. According to Alexa traffic network statistics, Facebook is the most popular social network service platform in 2011. Other than effectively connect social networks, through exchange and interaction, Facebook creates more extended value of information sharing for our society. This study observed 49 Facebook pages for children with disability up to December 31, 2011, using the consumer health information point of view, and used content analysis to try to understand the development of the Facebook community, the focus of the platform exchange, and interactive participation behavior. The study results show that the highest proportion is the Facebook Fan page set up by autism organizations, and most are established by formal institutions, with effort to provide basic information of the community. Although the majority of Facebook Fan page operate normally, but updating and maintenance frequency still has room to improve. As for messages posted by community members, the highest counts are contents that awaken awareness, and also more often provide information on social support to help children with disabilities groups. However, members that take initiative to seek support are not as active, and the platform can also reflect the consumer’s health information characteristics and importance, including: improving medical care, health promotion, have confidence in medical treatment, to claim insurance and medicate safely, etc. In addition, participant interaction use pressing “like” the most, leaving messages second, and using sharing future is the least. Most messages are used for leaving comments, and lastly, provide references for planning or services for specific users.
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