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Title: 以社會性問答為主之消費者健康資訊回答分析研究
An Analysis of the Answers of Social Q&A-based Consumer Health Information
Authors: 邱銘心
Chiu, Ming-Hsin
Dung, Pei-Shi
Keywords: 消費者健康資訊
consumer health information
content analysis
Social communication
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: 網際網路的發達,消費者對於自身或親友的健康問題越來越重視,使民眾會在普及率極高的網路上收集有關健康議題的解答。消費者大多透過「社會性問答平台」自身相關的健康保健資訊。 本研究觀察Yahoo!奇摩知識+分類中「科學醫療」子項目「醫療保健」,取2012年間已完成之評價百分百的1500則知識問題為研究數據,利用內容分析法分析瞭解健康資訊社會性問答平台之消費者健康資訊回答內容,評核並探討如何提升健康資訊社會性問答平台之消費者健康資訊回答品質。 由研究結果可得知,Yahoo!奇摩知識+消費者健康資訊回答者的等級不影響到「最佳解」產生。「塑身減肥」類型的「最佳解」回答內容錯誤、提供的「超連結」及「廣告」最多,Yahoo!奇摩知識+的知識問題回答內容仍是以文字敘述為主,且回答者重視分享。「最佳解」回答內容抄襲嚴重,且回答內容的參考來源大多標示為「自身經驗」。Yahoo!奇摩知識+的社會互動性薄弱,評價知識問題及獲得系統贈點對於Yahoo!奇摩知識+的使用者吸引力極低。最後,根據本研究的結果給予不同的建議及後續研究發展。
Due to the advancement of the Internet, consumers have grown increasingly concerned about their own health problems and the health problems of their friends and relatives. As a result, the general public seeks answers to health-related issues through the Internet with high penetration rates. Consumers usually obtain healthcare information of concerns through the “Social Q&A platform.” This research covers the observation of “Medicine and Healthcare”, a subcategory under “science and medical care” on Yahoo! Answers Classification and adopted the 1500 knowledge questions whose evaluations were 100% completed in 2012 as the research data. Through the content analysis method, an insight was gained into the answers to the health information of consumers on the health information social Q&A platform to evaluate and discuss how to improve the quality of the health information of consumers on the said platform. The results show that the ratings of the Yahoo! Answers Consumer Health Information respondents had no effect on theproduction of the “best answers.” The contents of the “best answers” in the “body sculpting and weight loss” category were erroneous and provide the most number of “hyperlinks” and “advertisements.” The answers of Yahoo! Answers to Knowledge Questions+ mostly include text descriptions, and the respondents give emphasis to sharing. “ Plagiarism is a serious problem for the “best answers” contents, and the references of the answers are mostly noted as “own experiences.” Yahoo! Answers shows weak social interaction. Evaluation knowledge questions and points awarded by the system are totally unappealing to the Yahoo! Answers users. Finally, based on the research results, suggestions were put forth for follow-up research and development.
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