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Title: 標籤雲於數位論文檢索系統之建置與評估研究
A Study on the Construction and Evaluation of a Tag Cloud Interface for the Electronic Thesis and Dissertation System
Authors: 卜小蝶
Pu, Hsiao-Tieh
Lin, Chien-Wen
Keywords: 數位論文系統
Electronic Thesis and Dissertation system
Tag Cloud
Information Visualization
Information retrieval
User satisfaction
Retrieval performance measures
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: Web 2.0環境下,新的資訊呈現方式吸引許多網路使用者的眼光,標籤雲以其獨特的資訊視覺化表徵,讓圖書館有機會審視現有資訊系統的呈現方式,提供讀者另一種查找資訊的方法。如果把標籤雲應用於論文檢索系統上,在滿足使用者資訊需求的過程中,是否足以作為檢索輔助的工具,藉以改善檢索效益,需要更多的實證研究加以探討。 為瞭解標籤雲介面的可用性與檢索效益,本研究採取個案研究方式,建置一具有標籤雲功能的數位論文(Electronic Thesis and Dissertation, ETD)系統。徵求12 位受試者進行系統使用試驗,以隨機分派使用者檢索任務的實驗方式收集客觀數據;再分別利用問卷及訪談方式來瞭解使用者主觀認知,以檢索效率、檢索效益、滿意度等作為系統評估標準的三個面向,探討標籤雲對不同受試者的檢索效益之影響。 實證研究後發現標籤雲工具對於使用者資訊檢索行為上有實質的正面影響與其效益存在。受試者認為標籤雲對數位論文系統的資訊檢索有所幫助,認為「有標籤雲介面」比較能夠幫助他們迅速的瀏覽檢索結果,整體滿意度較高且有七成五以上受試者願意再使用,建置具有標籤雲之數位論文系統確有可行之處。研究同時發現受試者在「有標籤雲介面」執行開放型任務的檢索效率與檢索效益均具有顯著性差異,檢索表現優於「無標籤雲介面」。但是針對封閉型任務,則以「無標籤雲介面」的檢索效率表現較佳。研究最終則針對標籤雲未來的檢索應用與發展提出幾點建議。
The meaning of the Electronic Thesis and Dissertation System is to preserve the research outputs of an Institution. At the same time of tag cloud, has appeared on many popular folksonomy-based websites in web 2.0. Tagging-based system has been popularised an interface model for visual information retrieval known as tag cloud. In this model, the most frequently used tags are displayed in alphabetical order. However, it is unclear whether the tag cloud is actually useful as an aid to finding information. In this paper, we constructed an Electronic Thesis and Dissertation system(ETDs) for academic library, and conducted an experiment, giving participants the different search task of searching by two interfaces(traditional plus tag cloud and traditional with no tag cloud) to answer two different type(open and closed) of questions, and compare with users’ performance and satisfaction with two interfaces interface for ETD system. 12 subjects participated in the study. They carried out four search tasks and their performance was recorded through Xvidcap screen recording. Data were captured on the time taken. After completion of search tasks, they completed a questionnaire on their satisfaction with the interface. Then we interviewed all the subjects to understand their thought about tag cloud tools and their suggestion with the ETDs interface. We found that where the information-seeking task required specific information, participants preferred the traditional search interface, and has better performance than tag cloud interface. Conversely, where the information-seeking task was more general, participants preferred the tag cloud. While the tag cloud does have some value for user’s information search process and this information could be used to redesign the ETDs interface.
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