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Title: 從國內早期與近期的風災新聞框架探討災難意涵的變遷
Exploring the Changes of Catastrophe Meaning from Earlier and Recent Domestic Disaster News Frames
Authors: 謝吉隆
Hsieh, Ji-Lung
Yang, Bi-Chun
Keywords: 數位人文
digital humanities
disaster research
frame analysis
text mining
typhoon disaster-related news
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: 本研究針對1986年1月1日至1996年12月31日,以及2006年1月1日至2016年12月31日《聯合報》的颱風新聞,從框架的語言建構、框架核心意義與報導趨勢等三方面檢視《聯合報》在早期與近期風災議題的報導表現,並援引國內外災難新聞研究文獻,作為分析《聯合報》的災難新聞建構風格暨意涵的轉變或進展之研究基礎。 本研究根據文字探勘與框架分析法,從媒體在這三十年來的框架趨勢研究發現,媒體在風災議題上確實透過框架的功能來再現特定的議題,並且在不同時期再現了不同的風災意涵。在守望環境方面,從語言特徵顯示早期在水土生態方面多有著墨,近期報導則著重於官方人物的疏失、工程效益、預防性避難、災損重建,並未能提供自然環境上更深層的問題討論空間,僅能在事件表像上進行陳述,進而導致氣候災難議題成為短暫性的事件。而在社會溝通方面,在近期較常藉由民眾、公家單位、專業人員等不同社會行為者對某事件的說法,凸顯人的權益性或規範性的矛盾與衝突,傾向「特定指涉」與被指涉的對象之「具體描繪」的論述模式進行報導,而顯得過於強調社會事件的動作,而忽略整體性的背景脈絡。 本研究認為對於氣候變遷與環境發展失衡所帶來的風災風險,媒體應要對科學、環境倫理性的言論有更多關注,進而影響政府施政走向理想的災難管理境界,並讓民眾在災前預警外的時間,也能有防災的意識。
This study investigated early and recent news reports on typhoons and typhoon-related disasters released by United Daily News from the perspectives of language construction, core meanings, and reporting trends; the news reports were respectively from an early and a recent period: Jan. 1, 1986–Dec. 31, 1996 and Jan. 1, 2006–Dec. 31. 2016. This study employed the text mining and frame analysis methods and studied the “frame” trends of news media over the past three decades. An analysis of the language construction of the news reports revealed that, concerning the subject of surveillance, a special emphasis was placed on soil and water ecology in the early period; and the negligence of government officials, engineering project results, preventive refuge, and disaster reconstruction in the recent period. Regarding social communication, a special emphasis was placed in the recent period on utilizing the opinions of different social “actors” on typhoon-related disasters to highlight the conflicts with and violations of norms and human rights. In addition, the news reports tended to adopt a method of discourse that focused on reporting the individuals accused of being responsible for causing the typhoon-related disasters and the people accusing these individuals; the emphasis turned the typhoon-related disasters into social events and the factors contributing to conflicts regarding typhoon-related disasters were generally ignored. This study posits that news media should disclose more scientific and environmental ethics-related information pertaining to the risks of typhoon-related disasters caused by climate change and unbalanced environmental development. The goal is to urge the government to achieve ideal typhoon disaster management and allow the public to have the awareness of typhoon disaster prevention even before typhoons arrive.
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