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Title: 以深度討論進行讀書會之互動模式研究
Interactive Mode Study of study group use with Quality Talk
Authors: 陳昭珍
Chen, Chao-chen
Lin, Yi-Wu
Keywords: 深度討論
Quality Talk
Study group
Study group roles
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: 讀書會是人們在閱讀後將個人觀點與理解提出分享的活動,提供了人們發表對閱讀觀點的機會和空間,給予閱讀者分享自己的想法與意見,並且傾聽他人的觀點與經驗,藉由相互的交流學習獲得不同的想法。然而在讀書會中的交流討論中,並沒有具體規範討論交流的形式。 本研究欲了解成員以深度討論概念進行讀書會之互動情形,以及讀書會成員具備深度討論意識後,是否會改變讀書會中的成員角色表現。研究中將20名圖書資訊學研究生分為四組,在實施深度討論教學後,進行三次讀書會,針對討論內容進行質性分析,所得研究結果並作以下結論:(1)成員發言內容逐漸增加,深度討論由簡易逐漸深入(2)成員以論述觀點的方式延續討論,在讀書會中同時擔任多種角色。
Study group are activities that people share their personal views and understanding after reading. It provide people with the opportunity and space to share their opinions and thoughts. People listen to the opinions, experiences and learn different ideas by learning from each other. However, there is no standard discussion of communication. This study is intended to understand the interaction of members in the Quality Talk of the concept of study group. After the members of the study group have a Quality Talk, will they change the performance of the study group roles. In the study, 20 library and information science graduate students were divided into four groups. After the course Quality Talk, there were three times study group. Conduct a qualitative analysis of the discussion, result of the research (1) The content of members’ speeches has gradually increased, and the Quality Talk has gradually evolved from simple; (2) The members continue the discussion in the form of discourse, and members play multiple roles at the study group.
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