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Title: 以眼動方法分析圖/文認知風格與全面/序列學習風格對線上新聞選讀的影響
Using eye-tracking method to study the effect of visual/verbal cognitive style and global/sequential learning style on online news reading
Authors: 謝吉隆
Hsieh, Ji-Lung
Huang, Li-Ching
Keywords: 認知風格
cognitive style
learning style
the relevance of pictures and text to online news
retrospective think aloud
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 本研究主要探討讀者的圖/文認知風格、全面/序列學習風格,以及線上新 聞本身的新聞圖片與新聞文字之間的訊息連結度強弱,這三者是否會影響讀者選 讀線上新聞。參與本研究的共有 60 位,其中主要為 20-30 歲的大學生和研究生。 本研究以三份問卷分別判斷線上新聞圖文相關程度、分類讀者的圖/文認知風格 和全面/序列學習風格,並設計四種選讀新聞實驗情境,透過眼動儀器記錄受試 者的眼動數據,再搭配回溯性放聲思考法,予以作 t 檢定、重複量數變異數統計 分析和瞭解受試者的選讀線上新聞行為。 實驗結果顯示:(1)讀者的圖/文認知風格不同,會造成讀者在選讀新聞時的 注意力分佈不同;(2)讀者的全面/序列學習風格不同,會使讀者在選讀新聞時的 眼動軌跡有差異;(3)線上新聞圖文高/低相關程度是會影響讀者選讀線上新聞。 雖然以上這三者在讀者選讀新聞時都有差異,但其統計結果卻都無顯著差異。根 據受試者的回溯性放聲思考結果,可以得知線上新聞為刻板印象之讀物,且讀者 容易受到新聞類別與個人閱讀偏好影響,易與其他線上資訊或刊物內容之閱讀方 式有很大不同。最後,本研究依據研究結果進行討論和提出未來研究相關建議。
This study aims to explore reader’s verbal/visual cognitive style, global/sequential learning style, and the strength of information link between pictures in online news and text, to see whether those factors would affect the choice of influence to online news reading. There are 60 people attending the study, including age from 20 to 30 undergraduate students and graduate students. This study uses three questionnaires to distinguish the relevance of pictures and text to online news, classify reader’s verbal/visual cognitive style and global/sequential learning style. Furthermore, researcher designs four online reading situations and records eye movement data of subjects through eye tracker. After completing the experiment, affiliating retrospective think aloud method, t-test and repeated-measures ANOVA are used to find out subjects’ behavior in online news reading. The result shows the difference of reader’s verbal/visual cognitive style can cause the discrepancy of reader’s attention distribution when it comes to online news reading. The difference of reader’s global/sequential learning style can cause the discrepancy of reader’s eye movement trajectory. The high/low relevance of pictures and text in online news can affect reader in online news reading. Although from the experiment, there are different eye movement track path, there are no significant difference among the three experiments from statistic results. According to the result of subjects’ retrospective think aloud method, we can refer that the arrange of picture and story are based on stereotype. Moreover, readers are easily to be affected by news category and their own reading preference, resulting surprising differences from other online readings materials. Ultimately, the discussion is made according to research results and related advices are given to future researches.
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