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Title: 以眼動分析大學圖書館網頁使用者心智模式與物件位置典型性之研究
A Study on Users' Mental Model for Location Typicality of Academic Library Web Objects by Eye Tracking Analysis
Authors: 謝吉隆
Hsieh, Ji-Lung
Lin, Kuan-Chi
Keywords: 心智模式
Mental model
Web object
location typicality
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: 本研究主要探討大學圖書館網站使用者對於首頁版面的既定印象,以及網頁物件的位置和使用的經驗對於使用者的搜尋任務表現之影響。共有62為大學生及研究生參與本研究。本研究利用繪圖方式呈現使用者對於首頁排版的既定印象,以相似程度不同的網頁測驗受試者的視覺行為,透過眼動儀器記錄受試者的眼動數據以及任務表現行統計分析。 繪圖結果說明使用者對於大學圖書館網站首頁的版面配置具有心智模式,在眼動實驗結果顯示(1)網頁物件的位置會影響使用者的視覺行為及任務表現(2)使用圖書館網站的頻率對使用者的視覺行為及任務表現沒有影響,最後本研究依據研究結果進行討論,並針對大學圖書館網站首頁設計及未來研究提出相關建議。
This study aims to explore the users’ expectations towards the layouts of university library website home pages and the influences of the locations of website objects and usage frequency towards the users’ retrieval tasks. There are 62 undergraduate or graduate students participate in this study. Drawing is used to reveal the users’ expectations for the home page layouts. Participants with different typicality of gaze behaviors are tested. Eye tracker is used to record the participants’ eye movements and their task performances. Statistical analyses are used to analyze the results. The results of the drawings show that users have mental models towards the layouts of university library website home pages. The results of the eye tracking experiment reveal the following conclusions: First, the locations of web objects on the website pages do affect the users’ gaze behaviors and their task performances. Second, the frequency of library website usage does not affect the users’ gaze behavior and task performance. Finally, a discussion is made according to research results and related advices are given to university library website home page design and future researches.
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