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Title: 在生命樂章中播種希望種子〜潘寶英老師之創意生命故事
Seed hope for life movement-Innovative life story of Bao-Ying Pan
Authors: 陳昭儀 博士
Dr. Chen Zhaoyi
Keywords: 創意教師
creative teacher
personality special characteristic
thought faith
creative classroom management
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: 摘 要 現今社會、教育環境的變遷,面對高關懷學生,教師應如何因應?如何在教師的引領下,走出陰霾,藉由正確的學習,創造出新的人生價值?本研究旨在以創造力之觀點探討潘寶英老師之創意生命故事與創意班級經營之內涵。 本研究採取質性研究為策略,以訪談、觀察與文件資料分析作為主要之研究方法,訪談對象為桃園縣平鎮國中潘寶英老師與生活技能班相關人士。以創造的五種能力,分別為敏覺力、流暢力、變通力、獨創力與精進力來驗證潘老師的創造性人格特質之展現;並從師生互動、班級常規、班級環境、班級氣氛、獎懲策略、不良行為處理等六個面向,來探討潘寶英老師之創意班級經營之內涵。 本研究主要發現及所得結論如下: 一、堅毅的成長歲月及宗教思想造就潘老師不平凡的生命力。 二、潘老師具備高創造力。 三、家庭教育、創造性人格特質與佛教思想是潘老師創造力的來源。 四、生活技能班成功運作之關鍵在於班級的靈魂人物—潘老師。 五、潘老師以愛為基礎,發揮創意、善用班級經營策略之能力,是教師教學可以學習的。 六、救一個孩子等於救一個家〜是潘老師的心願。
Seed hope for life movement- Innovative life story of instructor Bao-Ying Pan Abstract Facing high cared students, how should teachers response in the changes of the society and the education environment nowadays? How to guide students to extricate their black shadow through a correct study, as well as to create new and meaningful values in their new life? The theme of this research puts zero in on the innovative life story of instructor Bao-Ying Pan and the intension of creative management from the view of innovation. The research adopts a strategy of the quality and study mainly by means of interviews, observations and data analyses. The interviews are focused on Bao-Ying Pan, the instructor of Ping-Jhen Junior High school Taoyuan County, and people those are related in the life skill class. By using the five abilities- sensitivity, fluency, flexibility, originality and improvement- the expression of the creative personalities of Mrs. Pan is verified. Also, the research probes the intension of creative management of innovative classes from the six aspects of interaction between teachers and students, relations of class routines, environments of classes, atmospheres of classes, rewards and penalties, and treatments of bad behaviors etc. The main results and conclusions of this research are as followings: 1. Firm growth process and religious belief are what the extraordinary vitality of Mrs. Pan is brought up from. 2. Family education, creative personality and Buddhism brief are the sources of Mrs. Pan's creativity. 3. Mrs. Pan is the soul personage to the success of the skill life class. 4. Mrs. Pan regards loves as the foundation to develop the creativities and utilize the management tactics, and it is the will that teachers shall learn. 5. Influence that the home education is decisive to student's behavior. 6. It is Mrs. Pan's wish to rescuea family by rescuing a child.
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