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Title: 創意思考技法應用於文化創意產業商品設計及商品滿意度研究-以臺灣動物擬人化商品為例
A study of Creative Thinking Techniques on the Cultural Creativity Industry’s Products Design and Product Satisfaction– Formosan Animals Image of Personification Products as The Example
Authors: 潘裕豐
Pan, Yu-Fong
Lin, Pei-Hsien
Keywords: 文化創意產業商品設計
Cultural and creative industry’s product design
Product design process
Creativity thinking techniques
Personification of animal
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討「創意思考技法」應用於文化創意產業商品設計及商品滿意度研究,以臺灣動物擬人化商品為例。本研究目的為建構一創新之文化創意產業商品設計流程,於流程中融入創意思考技法之運用,運用流程進行設計後產生文化創意商品,展示後,調查瞭解大眾對於此商品之滿意度,是否達到經濟與精神的雙重提昇。歸納本研究結果如下:一、創意思考技法融入幫助創意思考。二、本流程具有實用性,經修改後完整循環性。三、大眾對本研究文化創意產業商品之滿意度,受到對文化創意產業的瞭解認知、角色塑造與設定、角色呈現之媒材影響。四、快樂是文創商品銷售之重要因素,而創意是製造快樂的重要關鍵。根據本研究之發現與省思,研究者提出相關建議,以供後續設計及研究之參考。
This study was designed to investigate the creative thinking techniques on the cultural creativity industry’s products design and satisfaction. It takes the Formosan animals’ image of personification products as the example. The purpose of this study is to build a process to design cultural and creative industry’s product. Then integrated creative thinking techniques into the process. After using process, produced and displayed the products. Investigated the satisfaction of the products with the public, whether to raise the economic and spiritual. The results of this study are summarized as follows: 1. Creative thinking techniques help the thinking more creative. 2. This process is practical, as amended, to complete the recurrence nature. 3. The public satisfaction with the products influenced by cognition of cultural and creative industry, the role of shaping, and the presentation mediums. 4. Happiness is an important factor in the cultural and creative product, and creativity is the key to manufacturing happiness. According to the findings of the present study and reflection, the researcher makes recommendations for reference subsequent design and research.
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