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Title: 國中社會學習領域公民篇新移民議題的課程與教學轉化
Authors: 董秀蘭
Keywords: 國中社會學習領域教科書
junior high social studies textbooks
new immigrant issues
curriculum and teaching transformation
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: 本研究的目的在於分析七年級社會學習領域公民篇教科書文本,對新移民議題教材的呈現情形,並探討教師對新移民議題的課程與教學轉化的思維與實際作為。研究方法包括文本分析、教室觀察和深度訪談等質性研究方法,選擇康軒、南一與翰林三個版本七年級社會學習領域公民篇教科書進行文本分析,再選擇採用不同版本的三個學校(每校一班)進行公民科教學的教室觀察,並邀請任課教師參與深度訪談。 依據研究結果,本研究提出兩項結論。首先,七年級社會學習領域公民篇教科書對新移民議題的呈現,內容不足且缺漏;各版本的新移民議題之顯現圖像趨於一致性,且再現形式過於單一化;各版本亦皆淺化新移民議題的多元文化意涵。其次,教師對於新移民議題的課程與教學轉化之實踐有所侷限;教師知覺的新移民課程依賴教科書文本,運作新移民課程未能跳脫文本既定的內容編排,而且課程批判意識彰顯不足。 最後,依據研究結論,對教科書文本的編寫、教師教學提出建議以及後續研究,提出具體建議,以供參考。
This study aims at analyzing the content of the new immigrant issue presented in the social studies/civics textbooks at the seventh grade level, and exploring social studies/civics teachers’ consciousness and practices of curriculum transformation in teaching the new immigrant issues. The research methods include text analysis, non-participation observations and indepth interviews. Three versions of textbooks, Kang Hsuan, Han Lin and Nani, were examined, following with classroom observations in three schools which adopted one of the three textbook versions above respectively, as well as indepth interviews with three social studies/civics teachers. Based upon the results, this study proposes two conclusions. First, there are omissions in the presentation of the new immigrant issues in the social studies/civics textbooks. The different versions of textbooks present the same image of the new immigrants; all three versions represent the new immigrants in a unified form; and all textbooks simplify the meaning of cultural diversity concerning the new immigrant issue. Second, social studies/civics teachers’ consciousness and practices of curriculum transformation in teaching the new immigrant issues are very limited. Teachers rely on textbooks deeply and show little critical consciousness in curriculum. Even when some critical consciousness occurs, there are gaps in their consciousness and practices of curriculum transformation. Finally, suggestions for the textbook writing, teachers' teaching practices and further studies of the new immigrant issues are offered according to the above-mentioned conclusions.
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