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Title: 夢想成真~青年志工自我實現歷程之敘事研究
Dream comes true ---- A study of the process of self-actualization on youth volunteers
Authors: 顏妙桂
Miao-Kuei Yen
Yu-Yen Chen
Keywords: 青年志工
youth volunteer
leisure services
Issue Date: 2008
Abstract: 摘 要 本研究旨在探討青年志工自我實現之歷程與內涵,包含青年志工自我實現之動機、設定目標、人格特質、發展歷程以及達成目標的方法,並提出有助於青年從事志工服務之建議,以提供學校、志工服務機構鼓勵青年參與服務,吸引更多具有活力的志工一同加入。 本研究採質性研究(Qualitative research),以敘事研究(Narrative research)作為研究取向,深度訪談四位青年志工自我實現的相關經驗,歸納出四位青年志工自我實現歷程之重要內涵。本研究主要結論如下: 一、青年志工對自我之看法可分為「勇於做自己」、「認真做自己」、「開發潛能」及「自身做起」。 二、青年志工參與志工服務之動機分為「興趣及個性的喚起」、「眾人支持的力量」、「做生命的主人」、「使命感的感召」。 三、青年志工之設定目標分為「自我期許」、「學以致用」、「奉獻自己」及「延續志工服務熱忱」。 四、青年志工之自我實現歷程經過「喚起自我期」、「探索自我期」、「啟發自我期」、「實現自我期」四個時期。 五、從事志工服務對自我實現的啟發,包括「人生態度」及「自我實現」兩方面。在「人生態度」方面包含精益求精的自我塑造、泰若自然的生活哲學、善解包容的依附關係、保持彈性的情緒管理、自我啟發的資源使用;在「自我實現」方面包含志工生活越活越精彩、邁向自我成長及練就領導絕活、因為從事志工服務而存在。 本研究依據研究結論,針對邁向自我實現青年、學校、志工服務機構及後續研究提出若干建議。 關鍵字:青年志工、自我實現、休閒服務
Dream comes true ---- A study of the process of self-actualization on youth volunteers Abstract The purpose of this research was to explore the process of the self-actualization on youth volunteers. The contents of self-actualization process include motivation, targeting the goal, characteristics, the process of self-actualization, and how to achieve the goal. By adapting narrative approach and based on in-depth interviews with four participants, this study explored how youth volunteers achieve self-actualization. The major findings of the study are as follows: First, the viewpoint of self on youth volunteers includes having courage to do themselves, taking seriously to do themselves, development on potential, and starting to do from themselves. Second, the motivation that youth volunteers take part in voluntary service includes habit and characteristics, the supporting of others, making one’s own way, and commitment to the community. Third, by joining the voluntary services, participants develop their personal goals on four aspects: self expectation, putting what they learned into practice, dedicating themselves, and maintaining the enthusiasm through voluntary service. Fourth, the process of self-actualization can be separated in four stages: self-awakening, self-exploring, self-enlightening, and self-actualizing. Fifth, the enlightenments of self-actualization on voluntary service include attitudes toward life and self-actualizing. Attitudes toward life contain striving for best, steady mind of life, empathetic relationships, flexible emotion management, and self-searching for resources. Self-actualizing contains outstanding volunteer career, moving forward excellence and developing leadership and existence by volunteer service. Finally, the study provides some suggestions for youth volunteers, school, volunteer organization, and the future researchers according to the findings. Key words: youth volunteer, self-actualization, leisure services
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