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Title: 北區某科技大學課程結合服務學習之實施及學習成效研究
A Study of Academic Service-Learning teaching and Learning Effects in a Northern Technology University
Authors: 顏妙桂
Yen, Miao-Kuei
Keywords: 服務學習
Service- Learning
Academic Service-Learning
Learning Effectiveness
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: 本研究以教師開設之服務學習課程為研究主體,探討北區某科技大學推動課程結合服務學習之實施情形及學生學習成效。首先,瞭解實施學校行政協助情形;其次,探究教師進行課程遭遇之問題;最後,則分析學生參與課程之學習成效。 本研究選擇質性研究方法,採立意取樣方式,選定開設服務學習課程2學期以上經驗之教師,研究其所開設結合服務學習之課程情形。邀請開設課程5位教師、承辦服務學習課程之業務行政人員2位,以及每門課程各選取服務日誌心得內容較佳之同學1位,共有5位同學,以上共計12位研究參與者進行正式訪談。另外,蒐集服務日誌瞭解課程運作與學習情形,並參考5門課程之學生服務日誌,研究資料運用三角檢正增加本研究信實度。 本研究提出結論如下:1.行政協助有助於課程結合服務學習實施;2.課程結合服務學習有助提升專業學習及社區關懷;3.課程結合服務學習增進師生關係;4.課程結合服務學習提昇學生發展能力、情緒管理、發展獨立性及自我認同等學習成效。 最後,對技專校院推動服務學習課程做出建議如下:1.建議增加服務學習課程教師評鑑項目;2.簡化課程相關行政程序並提供協助;3.增進教師帶領學生反思之機制;4.訓練TA協助課程;5.公開表揚學生給予獎勵;6.將課程結合服務學習列入敬業態度畢業門檻之ㄧ。
The research is based on the Service- Learning course led by teachers and aims to discuss the Learning Effectiveness of the combination of general course and Service- Learning course in northern technology university. The research involves Service-Learning lesson plans, practical experiment and its learning effectiveness which are based on the Service-Learning modules originated by the teachers. The discussion first starts with an introduction of the assistance provided by the school administration. The following section presents the challenges and difficulties while conducting the module and the Service-Learning activities. The last part analyzes the learning effect of students who participated in the Service-Learning program. The research uses Qualitative Research method and adopts judgment sampling. The selected teachers have two-semester experiences in service learning courses which are taken as analysis samples. The 12 interviews are conducted with 5 invited lecturers, 2 school faculty, and one collected teaching diary from one student each course. In addition, The collected teaching diary, actual operation record and students’ learning journals are examined through Triangulation for its better research credibility. The research result shows that it is beneficial for administrative staff to help plan work shop, hold lesson review session, and provide assistance to the school administration. Secondly, Service-Learning module help promote learners’ profession and community care. Thirdly, Service-Learning module increases the relationship between teachers and students. Finally, the combined course can cultivate students’ developing competence, emotion management, autonomy development and identity establishment. The advice is made as followed. First, the teaching evaluation system should include service learning module. Secondly, the related course executive process should be simplified. Thirdly, teachers should lead students to review the whole course. Fourth, TA training program should be included. Fifthly, outstanding students should be rewarded in public. Finally, Service-Learning module should be included into the list of dedicated working attitude graduation qualification.
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