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Title: 北區大學生休閒涉入與生活壓力之相關研究
A Study of the Relationship between Leisure Involvement and Life Stress of the College Students in Northern Taiwan
Authors: 顏妙桂
Keywords: 休閒涉入
Leisure involvement
Life stress
Northern Taiwan college students
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: 為瞭解北區大學生「休閒涉入」及「生活壓力」之現況,以及不同「個人背景」之北區大學生在「休閒涉入」及「生活壓力」上的差異性,進而探討北區大學生「休閒涉入」及「生活壓力」之相關性,本研究法採問卷調查方式,以101學年北區大專校院900位學生為研究樣本,有效問卷為840份,研究工具包括個人基本資料、休閒涉入量表與生活壓力量表。施測資料分別以描述性統計、獨立樣本t考驗、單因子變異數分析、雪費事後比較法、皮爾森積差相關等統計方法加以分析,結果如下: 一、北區大學生知覺參與休閒活動時可獲得愉悅及滿足感並增進交友機會,不同性別及學校類型、休閒參與等變項在吸引力及社會連結方面具有差異性。 二、北區大學生休閒活動類型以運動性及閒逸性居多,休閒參與趨向中低程度,顯示休閒活動規劃上仍不足 三、北區大學生知覺生活壓力感受趨向中低程度,生活壓力來源以就業壓力、課業壓力、自我認同壓力等層面最多。 四、不同性別之大學生其課業壓力、人際壓力有差異性存在;不同年級之大學生其就業壓力、自我認同壓力有差異性存在;不同學校類型之大學生其課業壓力、感情壓力及就業壓力有差異性存在。 五、北區大學生休閒涉入程度與生活壓力感受有關係,休閒涉入與自我認同壓力呈現高度負相關,尤其在社會連結、認同肯定層面最顯著;家庭壓力與中心性、社會連結呈低度正相關;感情壓力與社會連結及認同表達呈低度正相關。 本研究亦根據研究發現提出建議,以供大學生、家長及高等教育機構後續研究者之參考。
To explore the current status quo of leisure involvement and life stress, the difference of leisure involvement and life stress among college students with different personal backgrounds in northern Taiwan, and the relationship between their leisure involvement and life stress, this research recruited 900 college students in 2012 as the subjects and the sample sized was 840. The questionnaire included personal information questions, leisure involvement scale, and life stress scale. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics, independent samples t-test , one-way ANOVA, Scheffe test, and Pearson product-moment correlation. The results are as follows: 1. Northern Taiwan college students feel that involving themselves in leisure activities provide them a feeling of pleasure and gratification and more opportunity of making friends. There is a difference in the level of attraction and social bonding among subjects in terms of gender and types of schools. 2. Northern Taiwan college students prefer the sport and indoor activities as their leisure activities. The level of their leisure participation tends to be low, indicating their weakness in planning leisure activities. 3. The perception of life stress in northern Taiwan college students tends to be low, and life stressors include employment, school work, and self-identity. 4. Differences in stress from school work as well as social bonding exist among students of different years in college, so does stress from both employment and self-identity. Stress of employment, emotion and employment do differ among college students in different types of schools. 5. Leisure involvement of the college students is related to their perception of life stress. Specifically speaking, there is high negative correlation between leisure involvement and self-identity, especially in the factors of social bonding and recognition as well. It had been shown that there are low significant positive correlations among family stress, centrality, and social bonding; low positive correlations between emotion stress and social bonding; low positive correlation between emotion stress and recognition. Based on the finding of this research, finally, the researcher proposed some suggestions to collegestudents, parents, and higher education institutions.
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