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Titel: 我國大學學費政策與就學貸款制度之研究-以北部某私立大學為例
On Tuition Policy and Student Loan Program in Taiwan - The Case of A Private University in Northern Taiwan
Autoren: 溫明忠博士
Wen Ming-chung
Stichwörter: 大學生
university students
university tuition policy
student loan program
student loan system
qualitative research
Erscheinungsdatum: 2007
Zusammenfassung: 針對我國大學學費政策與就學貸款制度之研究──以北部某私立大學為例,現行學生就學貸款制度是否可以真正達到幫助弱勢家庭子女順利完成高等教育,是否落實制度於真正需要者,避免造成社會流動的阻礙,影響教育機會均等及社會公平正義理想。 本研究主要目的: 一、檢驗現行我國就學貸款之理論是否符合國際潮流與水準。 二、針對現行就學貸款制度各種問題,以及執行面與制度面之檢討等相關議題進行研究。 三、歸納個案研究結果,並提出具體建議,以作為我國大學學費政策與就學貸款制度之未來改進參考,以達到社會公平之正義。 研究方法採用文獻理論分析法及貝瑞德(G.Z.F. Bereday)的比較研究法與個案分析,同時著重質的研究。所得之結論: 1.現行就學貸款歷經30多年的施行後,除造成國家、社會與家庭經濟負擔增高外,對補助學生就學的實際層面不夠落實。 2.我國公私立大學學費的差距雖然稍有縮小,以本研究分析結果,其差距依然存在,造成學生受教育的機會未能達到均等。 3.政府的助學制度之決策與扮演的角色很重要,但未能充分達到其目的。
The research was focused on the tuition policy and student loans program in Taiwan. This study was based on a certain case of a private university in northern Taiwan to explore whether the university student loans program in Taiwan helps the students from weak tendency family to complete their university education. The purpose of this research was to examine whether the theories of the current university student loans program in Taiwan has met international trends and levels, to evaluate the various problems that the student loans system and the administrative execution confront, and to induce the case result and propose the solid suggestions to meet the requirement of social justice. This study was conducted by means of literature theory analysis, comparison research and case analysis based on G.Z.F. Bereday. With these methods, the result provided conclusive findings as follow: 1.The current university student loans program which has been executed for more than thirty years, causes the economic burden to our society and families, and can not match its original purpose. 2.The difference in student tuition between public and private universities in Taiwan is apparent. Although the tuition differential is narrowed, the result reveals that the opportunity to equality in education still can’t reach our educational goal . 3.It is important that the decision-making strategy and the role of assistance of the tuition policy in our government should be performed completely. Obviously, it couldn’t sufficiently reach the aim.
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