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Title: 女性高中校長領導之性別權力關係
The relationship between gender and power in the leadership of female senior high school principals
Authors: 董秀蘭
Dong, Siou-Lan
Lee, Hsiu-Feng
Keywords: 女性高中校長
female senior high school principals
gender power relationship
feminist poststructuralism
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: 性別意識型態是一種霸權,通常不顯優勢,卻可以為社群中大多數人所認同。居於承上啟下的高中教育階段,女性校長的領導圖像為何?其在領導實踐過程中,是否潛藏著性別意識型態與性別權力關係?影響其領導實踐之學校脈絡、制度脈絡與社會脈絡為何?以及其領導論述與主體互動及社會文化實踐的關係為何?本研究以後結構女性主義為研究派典,運用個案研究之方法取徑,針對三位公立高中的女性校長領導之性別權力關係進行研究與分析。主要研究發現如下: 一、女性高中校長領導形貌非單一類屬。 二、大同小異的女性高中校長柔性領導形貌。 三、擅長使用徵詢式語詞語句進行柔性溝通。 四、走向校長領導之路的父權內化與翻轉。 五、女性高中校長論述實踐建構領導實踐之主體性。 六、學校、制度及社會文化影響女性校長領導實踐。 七、文本論述、主體互動及社會文化實踐關係密切。 八、累積女性校長領導研究之理論基礎、研究方法及研究成果。 本研究提出如下建議: 一、對女性校長領導 (一)持續強化女性高中校長專業知能。 (二)建構女性高中校長專業社群及支持網絡。 (三)強化校長遴選委員性別平等意識。 二、對後續研究 (一)持續強化女性領導後結構女性主義理論。 (二)以「不同主/客體」解析女性高中校長領導。
The gender power relationship in the leadership of female senior high school principals Abstract Lee, Hsiu-feng Gender ideology is not explicit but agreed by most of people in the society. The impact of gender ideology on the leadership of female senior high school principals was not clear and the factors affecting the practice of the leadership also need to be further elucidated. Based on feminist poststructralism, a case study was conducted to analyze the leadership between gender and power in three female senior high school principals. The main findings of this study include: (1)There is more than one type of leadership in the female senior high school principals. (2)Leading in a tender way was observed similar in female principles. (3)Inquiries were frequently used in tender communication. (4)On the way to become a principal, the patriarchy was internalized and transformed. (5)The subjectivity of leadership practice established by discourse practice in the female senior high school principals was found. (6)The school, the institutes and the society affected the leadership practice of female high senior principles. (7)A close relationship among text discourse, subjective interaction, and social practice was found. (8)This study contributed to the theory base, research methods, and study results of the leadership in female principals. To improve the leadership, female principals were recommended to continuously intensify their professional capacity, establish their professional society and supporting network, and solidify the consciousness of gender equity. Furthermore, future studies regarding the leadership of female principals can strengthen the theory of feminist poststructuralism and take different subject/object roles in the analysis. 【Keywords】female senior high school principals、gnder power relationship、feminist poststructralism
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